College Initiatives

The following initiatives apply to all of the schools at Jacksonville State University.

Student Scholarships

Jacksonville State University continues to meet its goal of academic excellence. Academically gifted students from diverse backgrounds positively affect the University learning environment, challenge faculty, and contribute to the overall academic reputation and educational goals. Your support for scholarships within the colleges will remove financial barriers, ensuring that students who meet the college's high standards will be able to attend, whatever their economic background.

Endowed Professorships & Chairs

Superior teaching is the primary mission of Jacksonville State University. This necessitates the appointment of distinguished teacher-scholars to endowed chairs and professorships. Such scholars will provide academic enrichment by augmenting an already strong faculty, bringing fresh ideas and timely research to the University, and enlarging the catalog of information and resources. Your gift will help the colleges recruit and retain top faculty, talented men and women who offer students the best education, scholarship and mentorship.

Dean's Fund for Excellence

The Dean's Fund for Excellence for each school not only provides critical support to take advantage of unexpected opportunities, but also allows the schools to address needs that are unmet by university and state funding. The Dean's Fund for Excellence will also allow the dean to enhance the current development program. Your gift for a school's Dean's Fund for Excellence will enable the school to take advantage of timely opportunities as they arrive, establish initiatives as needed, and support the development program.