Emeritus Nomination Procedures

“Emeritus” is an honorary title that may be conferred upon an eligible full-time faculty member or administrator after retirement who has exhibited extraordinary commitment and meritorious service to the University. Conferral of this title and associated privileges requires the nomination, review, and approval of all eligible candidates by the University as described below.

  1. A call for emeritus faculty and administrator nominations will be issued each fall semester by the Office of the Vice Provost.
  2. Nominations must be submitted by application.
  3. In most cases, nominations should be made during the fall semester following the nominee’s retirement. However, all nominations must be made within one year of the individual’s retirement date. Posthumous nominations must be made within two years of the individual’s death.
  4. All completed and submitted nomination applications will be progressively reviewed and considered through the appropriate approval channels below. A nomination cannot advance to the next level without approval by the current level.

    Faculty and Administrators with Faculty Rank (e.g., deans, department heads, etc.)

    a. Committee on Faculty Honors of the Faculty Senate
    b. Deans’ Council
    c. Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
    d. President

    Non-Academic Administrators (Directors or above)
    a. President’s Cabinet
    b. President
  5. Only new nominations will be considered each year. Nominations will not be held over from one year to the next.
  6. Administrators with faculty rank may be nominated for either faculty or administrator emeritus status but not for both. An individual can hold only one emeritus award.
  7. Nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements in order to be considered.

    a. Faculty and Administrators with Faculty Rank: A minimum of ten years of full-time meritorious service to the University at the time of retirement.
    b. Non-Academic Administrators: A minimum of ten years of full-time meritorious service to the University in a regular administrative appointment, three years of which were served in the same position at the level of Director or above.
    c. Posthumous: Must have been eligible for emeritus status as a faculty member or administrator at time of death.

For inquiries or further details, please contact:

Office of the Vice Provost
203 Angle Hall