Faculty Handbook - Section 4

Section 4 - Benefits, Institutional Policies, and Facilities

4.1 Insurance and Annuities

4.1.1 Health Insurance

Group health insurance is provided to eligible employees. Jacksonville State University participates in the Public Education Employees’ Health Insurance Plan (PEEHIP). Faculty may contact the Office of Human Resources for specific details for coverage and cost for individual faculty and family coverage. Optional plans for eligible employees cover dental, vision, cancer, and hospital indemnification.

4.1.2 403-B Plans: TIAA/CREF and VALIC

The university offers various types of tax-deferred annuities through Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association and VALIC. Normally, after two years of full-time employment, contributions by faculty members are matched by the university at 3%, 4%, or 5% and will provide a retirement annuity in addition to the regular Alabama Teachers Retirement System. Contributions to these annuities are tax-deferred until they are withdrawn at retirement. Faculty members may contact the Office of Human Resources for additional information.

4.1.3 Disability Insurance

After one year of regular, full-time employment, disability insurance coverage is provided to JSU employees at no cost.  This plan pays 60% of Monthly Earnings to a Maximum Gross Monthly Benefit of $5,000.00 per month subject to reduction by deductible sources of income or Disability Earnings. If approved, benefits will begin at the beginning of the month following six months from the date of disability. This benefit continues until age 65, disability ceases to exist, or death.

4.1.4 Term Life Insurance

Jacksonville State University provides basic group life insurance for all regular, full-time employees in amount equal to two times an employee’s annual salary, not to exceed $300,000. This also includes accidental death and dismemberment at two times an employee’s salary, not to exceed $300,000. Supplemental life insurance up to three times an employee’s salary and dependent life insurance for spouse and/or any number of dependents may be purchased as an option to the basic group policy provided to the employee, not to exceed $300,000. Faculty members may contact the Office of Human Resources for additional information.

4.1.5 Liability Insurance

The university provides liability insurance for faculty in cases where an individual faculty member has exposure for acts performed in the line and scope of that individual's duties as an employee of the university. Faculty members may contact the Office of Human Resources for additional information.

4.2 Mandatory Benefits

4.2.1 Teacher Retirement System

All regular full-time faculty positions are required to be members of the Alabama Teachers Retirement System. Complete information regarding contribution rate, retirement benefits, withdrawal provision, etc., is available in the Office of Human Resources.

4.2.2 Social Security

All faculty are required to participate in the social security program (Federal Insurance Contributions Act). Faculty will contribute the percentage of salary specified by current law, and the university will contribute the amount specified for the employer. A valid social security card must be presented at the time of orientation. Complete information on contribution rate, retirement benefits, etc., is available in the Office of Human Resources.

4.2.3 State Board of Adjustments

By Alabama law, Jacksonville State University is exempt from workmen's compensation insurance. Claims for injury and loss of life may be submitted to the State Board of Adjustments in Montgomery. The Office of Human Resources can provide assistance in filing Board of Adjustments claims.

4.2.4 Unemployment Compensation

Faculty are covered by the Unemployment Compensation Law of the State of Alabama. Since the university makes the payments, no part of the cost is withheld from the salaries of individual faculty members.

4.2.5 Direct Electronic Deposits of Salary and Reimbursements

Faculty must participate in direct deposit. Deposits may be made at two or more financial institutions or into two or more accounts (savings and/or checking) at one institution.

Reimbursements from JSU Accounts Payable (travel and other reimbursements) will be deposited directly into the faculty member’s account. Monthly salary deposits will be electronically issued on the first working day of the month, following the month in which compensation was earned. Arrangements for the required electronic deposits are made through the Office of Human Resources.

4.3 Institutional Benefits

4.3.1 Tuition-Assistance Program

Jacksonville State University offers a tuition assistance program, managed by the Office of Human Resources. After one year of full-time employment, Jacksonville State University employees may participate in the tuition assistance program. Faculty members may contact the Office of Human Resources for additional information.

4.3.2 Campus Security

The Jacksonville State University Police Department (UPD) is staffed 24 hours a day, and police may be contacted at any time. After the switchboard closes, the main university telephone number is answered in the UPD. This office maintains radio contact with campus police. As required by the Campus Security Act, campus crime statistics are available at www.jsu.edu/police/prevention/crimestats.

4.3.3 Parking Decal

Vehicles used by faculty on campus must be registered and have current color-coded parking decals, which are available from the UPD. The registration fee may be paid by payroll deduction. The Jacksonville State University traffic and parking regulations are available at www.jsu.edu/parking/.

4.3.4 Office and Building Keys

Faculty are issued office and building keys/cards, at no charge, by their dean and/or department head, who, in turn, requests keys/cards from the building manager. (A list of building managers is available in the Jacksonville State University Manual of Policies and Procedures.) Keys may not be duplicated, and any lost keys must be reported to the building manager. Faculty are responsible for replacement fees.

4.3.5 Athletic Events and Drama Season Ticket Discounts

Faculty are eligible to purchase season tickets to all regular season athletic and drama events at a considerable discount. Payment for these events may be made by payroll deduction.

4.3.6 Deferred Compensation (RSA-1)

Additional tax-deferred contributions may be made to the Alabama Teachers Retirement System and credited to a deferred compensation plan. Participation in this plan is voluntary and not matched by the university. For additional information, contact the Office of Human Resources.

4.3.7 Health Services RMC/JSU Health Center

RMC/JSU Health Center, located at 1701 Pelham Road South, provides quality services that are accessible and affordable to the entire campus community regardless of race, handicap, nationality, sexual orientation, familial status (having one or more children), religion/religious beliefs or gender. For further details on services and benefits, contact the Office of Human Resources. Sick Leave

Sick leave is accrued by all regular, full-time faculty at the rate of 8 hours per month. The maximum accrual of sick leave by full-time faculty during any twelve-month period is 96 hours. Escrowing salary does not affect the rate of accumulation. The accumulated amount may be used for employees’ illness, injury, surgery, childbirth, doctor/dentist appointments; or for the illness, injury, surgery, doctor/dentist appointments for immediate family member of employee. Immediate family member is defined as legal spouse, child, parent of employee or spouse, sibling of employee, grandparent of employee. Sick leave is granted to the faculty member in relation to 8-hour days or portions of work days; e.g., 4 hours for half day or one 1-hour visit to the dentist. The university reserves the right to require a faculty member to obtain a physician’s statement of the employee’s illness or family member’s illness. Sick leave may be accumulated to an unlimited amount. Upon retirement, faculty are allowed to convert unused sick leave time into service time for the purpose of retirement. Faculty members may contact the Office of Human Resources for additional information.

4.4 Bereavement Leave

Leave may be granted for bereavement purposes in cases of death in the immediate family or death of a person to whom unusually strong personal ties exist, due to the employee's having been supported or educated by a person of some relationship other than those specified above. The employee must file a written explanation of the circumstances, along with the request for sick leave, to the department head or director. Bereavement leave is limited to 3 days per case.

4.5 Institutional Facilities

4.5.1 Telephone Services

The university telephone center handles incoming calls between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. When the telephone center is not in operation, incoming calls go to the university police department.

The State of Alabama maintains a telephone system for use by the state government. The university is a part of this system, which permits direct calls to any state office or location in Alabama for purposes of official business. Business calls outside the state must be made by long distance service. Each budget manager is furnished a billing code and records of all telephone calls involving toll charges. Long-distance phone calls for personal purposes are not permitted.

4.5.2 Faculty Mail

The mail center, managed by an outside vendor, is located on the fourth floor of the Theron E. Montgomery Building. Both U.S. mail and campus mail are distributed to individual boxes, located either in the mail center or in the building where the faculty member's office is located.

Faculty members may have professional and business mail metered and charged to the departments. Personal mail must be stamped by the sender. Departments and faculty may also ship professional and business parcels through a parcel service, such as the United Parcel Service, from the mail center.

4.5.3 Print Shop and Printing Policy

The print shop has a wide range of capabilities to meet administrative, academic, and other university printing requirements. All official university publications prepared for public distribution must meet certain standards with regard to composition, printing quality, and overall impression. Faculty should refer questions to the executive director of marketing and communications for procedures regarding university stationery, promotional and informational brochures, and use of the university seal and/or logo. See Jacksonville State University Manual of Policies and Procedures.

4.5.4 Faculty Wellness

The 101,000 square foot Recreation and Fitness Center provides a full range of services and activities. All current & retired JSU employees are eligible to purchase memberships. As an added benefit, employees will have the ability to choose payroll deduction as a method of payment. Proof of employment will be verified at time of purchase by presenting a valid JSU employee or retiree ID. For further information, visit: https://www.jsu.edu/urec/rfc/index.html.

4.5.5 Building Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Minor maintenance tasks, such as repairs to windows and woodwork, replacement of light bulbs, adjustments of heating equipment, and cleaning, should be requested through the designated building manager.

Faculty and staff may bring personal items to the university to decorate their offices, to assist in performing their jobs, or to fill other needs. The university supports the use of these items, so long as these personal items do not interfere with the mission of the university or the performance of duties by any employee. However, these items are not covered by insurance of any kind, and the university assumes no liability for damage or theft of personal items.

4.5.6 Campus Food Service

Sodexo currently operates all campus food services. Use of the President's Dining Room for university-related groups is scheduled through the president's office and arranged through the university’s contracted food service vendor. On-campus catering service is required through Sodexo for university events. Sodexo offers meals at a reduced rate for Jacksonville State University employees at the Jack Hopper Dining Hall. Contact Sodexo for current rates for discounted meal plans.

4.5.7 Child-Development Facility

The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences operates a child-development facility for children aged 3 and 4. The facility provides students enrolled in university courses opportunities to work with children and to provide children enrolled in the facility an environment conducive to optimum development. Application forms may be obtained from the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.

4.5.8 Bookstore

The bookstore stocks textbooks used by the academic departments. In addition to textbooks (new and used), the store handles school supplies and personal items for students and faculty.

Academic apparel may be rented or purchased through the bookstore.

4.5.9 Flexible Benefit Plan

Jacksonville State University offers both a health flexible spending and dependent care account. These plans use pre-tax dollars for health care and child care. For additional information, contact the Office of Human Resources.

4.6 Benefits of Retired Faculty

Subject to current policies, restrictions, and fees applicable to full-time faculty, retired faculty may:

  1. Participate in all ceremonies of the university.
  2. Share in the social life of the faculty.
  3. Continue to use university facilities such as meeting rooms, the bookstore, the cafeteria, the library, and recreational facilities.
  4. Attend all formal events held by the university.
  5. Obtain tickets to concerts, lectures, sports, and recreational events.
  6. Obtain an identification card.
  7. Obtain a parking permit.
  8. Participate in the tuition-assistance program.

4.7 Benefits of Emeriti Faculty

The following privileges are available to emeriti faculty:

  1. Emeriti faculty will receive special recognition at one commencement each year; and
  2. Emeriti faculty may be provided office space, if available, at the discretion of the university.

4.8 Civic Duty

4.8.1 Part-Time Public Office

As responsible members of the community, faculty members often undertake civic duties and participate in political life. Faculty members may freely seek election or appointment to municipal, county, state, or federal offices that are not considered full-time jobs (i.e., city commission, state boards, presidential elector) and that would not interfere with their academic responsibilities. Faculty members may not use university property or supplies for campaigning.

4.8.2 Jury Duty

If a faculty member is called to serve as a juror or is subpoenaed as a witness, the faculty member will be granted administrative leave with pay. The faculty member may retain jury fees. In all cases arrangements must be made by the faculty member to cover teaching assignments and other duties, with approval of the department head.

A faculty member must be granted time off for jury duty. Faculty members are expected to report for work if they are excused from jury duty or are on a standby status. The faculty member must notify his/her department head of anticipated jury duty by presenting the court/jury summons or notice. The faculty member shall also provide day-to-day notice to his/her department head of the faculty member's jury status and of the anticipated termination of jury duty.

4.8.3 Military

In accordance with state and federal laws, military leave will be granted for annual field training or other active-duty training exercises upon presentation of a copy of military orders.

4.8.4 Holidays

The university lists observed holidays in the official calendar and the Human Resources website.

4.8.5 Inclement Weather Policy

Jacksonville State University is primarily a self-contained campus with a large number of residential students requiring a variety of support services, regardless of the weather. Normally, the university does not completely close because of bad weather. Decisions to close university operations, including classes, will be made by the president or a designee. In the interest of safety and in recognition of the difficult driving conditions that occur in certain areas, the university permits a liberal make-up policy for commuter students who cannot attend classes during times of bad weather. In the event that the university remains open on days of extreme weather, faculty who cannot reach campus should advise their department heads so their classes can be covered.

4.8.6 Full-Time Public Office

Faculty or staff members who are elected or appointed to municipal, county, state, or federal offices that are considered to be full-time employment or that would interfere with academic responsibilities must request a leave of absence or resign from the university.

4.9 Salary Schedules

Salary schedules indicate salary ranges for each academic rank. The board of trustees authorizes these ranges.

The labor market dictates, to a large extent, the salaries that must be paid to faculty in different disciplines; therefore, there is no assurance that faculty members holding identical academic rank will be paid identical salaries. Furthermore, because of overlapping salary ranges in each academic rank, it is possible for an individual faculty member holding a higher academic rank to be paid less than another faculty member holding a lower academic rank. The primary determinants of salary are the forces of supply and demand, the needs of the university, and the individual's performance on the job.

4.9.1 Salary Increments

Salary increments (within budgetary limitation) shall be recommended by the department head and by the dean of the appropriate school. These recommendations are to be consistent with the annual performance evaluation of the individual faculty member. Performance evaluation shall take into account the effectiveness of the individual in the traditional areas of teaching, scholarly activity, and service. All salary increments must be approved by the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs and the president.

4.9.2 Compensation for Administrative Officers

For traditional classroom teaching, no additional compensation shall be paid to administrative officers (president, vice-presidents, deans, department heads, etc.) with a 12-month faculty appointment who teach. These officers receive their regular monthly salary regardless of the number of hours they teach. With the approval of the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, administrative officers may be compensated for teaching courses after normal work hours.

4.9.3 Advances

Advance payments for salaries are not available.