Veteran Annual Scholarship Fund

The Veteran Annual Scholarship Fund (VASF) was created with the idea of providing financial scholarships to current Jacksonville State University (JSU) student veterans with severe financial needs.  The scholarship is intended to help alleviate financial concerns of qualifying student veterans in order to help them maintain focus on their academic pursuits and ultimately finish their degree program at JSU. 

Each applicant must submit the following by February 1, 2018 to be considered:

  1. VASF Application with any additional documents
  2. Completed JSU General Scholarship Application in MyJSU
  3. Letter of Intent explaining the following:
    1. How the student qualifies for the scholarship and any relevant information the committee will need
    2. How the scholarship will help them focus on their academics and finish their degree at JSU
    3. Describe how they are currently serving their community or family outside of school
  4. Completed 2017/2018 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

General Criteria

The awarding of the VASF shall be made by the VASF Scholarship Committee, which is made up of current JSU faculty and staff, to a student who:

  1. Receives an unconditional acceptance to JSU
  2. Attends full-time, graduate or undergraduate degree program at JSU (online only programs not eligible)
  3. Received a general, honorable, or medical discharge from one of the branches of the US military to be verified by the student’s DD Form 214
  4. Has a demonstrated financial need as identified through the filing of a FAFSA in the Office of Student Financial Services
  5. Cumulative JSU GPA at the time of application is a 2.25 or above

Specific Criteria

A successful candidate for the VASF will show a severe financial need based off of one of the following criteria:

  1. Change or loss in income or employment
  2. Sudden or long-term family medical emergencies
  3. Recent relocation to the Calhoun County area within the last two calendar years

Veteran Annual Scholarship Fund Application