Transfer/Dependent Educational Benefits

In order to certify your enrollment to the VA or process your state benefits, each Dependent needs to fill out the following paperwork.


  1. Chapter 33 (Transferred Post 9/11)
    • Percentage of tuition, general university fees, book stipend, and monthly housing allowance.
    • This benefit can be transferred to dependents prior to the service member leaving active duty.
    • Checklist to start Chapter 33 Benefits at JSU
  2. Chapter 35 (Dependents' Educational Assistance Program)
    • Dependent of a veteran who is 100% permanently and totally disabled or died as a result of service connection.
    • Monthly stipend
    • Checklist to start Chapter 35 Benefits at JSU


  1. Alabama State GI Scholarship
    • Tuition and books for 10 semesters
    • Disability Requirements:  Beginning in July 31, 2017, veterans must be rated 40% or more due to service connected disabilities or have held the qualifying rating at the time of death, be a former prisoner of war (POW), declared missing in action (MIA), died as a result of a service-connected disability rating or died while on active military service in the line of duty.
    • Residency Requirements:  Talk to your local VA Office
    • Must apply for this benefit through your county VA office.
    • Checklist to start State GI Dependent Scholarship benefits at JSU.
    • Mandatory FERPA form must be filled out and returned to the Office of Veteran Services.