Financing Your Education

Financing your education is an important part of attending college while using a Federal or State VA Educational Benefit.  The following resources are designed to assist all potential JSU students understand what college really costs:

  1. JSU Net Price Calculator - The Net Price Calculator will help you to get a good idea of what your education will cost here at JSU while factoring in many variables.
  2. 2017/2018 Shopping Sheet - The Shopping Sheet provides basic cost information for all JSU students in the 2017/2018 year along with some financial information about JSU as a whole.
  3. JSU Estimated Cost Calculator - The Estimated Cost Calculator is intended to provide an estimated cost of attendance for each term a student attends JSU.

Don't forget that all military-connected students at JSU may be eligible for Financial Aid and Scholarships that will help offset the cost of attending JSU.  Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services for more information.

If you are interested in scholarships specific to military-connected students, here are some resources:

  1. JSU Veteran Annual Scholarship Fund
  2. Additional Scholarships Opportunities