Faculty and Staff Training

Military-connected students face different challenges compared to traditional students when pursuing higher education.  The Office of Veteran Services offers training to all Faculty and Staff at JSU to provide a better understanding of the issues that military-connected students face and how best to work with these students within the university setting.  This Faculty and Staff training is offered by appointment with university offices, departments, schools, etc.  These trainings can cover one or more of the following topics:

  1. De-escalating Conflict - There is a chance that you will encounter conflict in your professional careers.  Can you think of a time when you were faced with a conflict and you were not sure what to do?  We will help you identify new ways to address conflict so you can be better equipped in the future.
  2. Identifying your Bias - We will help you pinpoint the negative and positive effects that you will encounter due to your own biased thoughts.  Bias influences our daily lives and learning how to respond to bias can change this world for the better.   
  3. Student Veteran Transitional Concerns - Every year the amount of veterans entering higher education increases.  There are issues student veterans face when transitioning from military service to college.
  4. Resistant Students - Not every classroom runs smoothly and bumps in the road are to be expected.  What can you do when those bumps become mountains?  We will discuss the different types of resistance from students and ways to initiate change before things grow out of control. 
  5. Camouflage Students - Explore the reasons some Student Veterans avoid disclosure of their Veteran Status.  Discuss how to engage Student Veterans who are ready to share their experiences in the military.  Our Student Veterans are learning how to adapt to a world outside of the military and having a better understanding of that process will allow for better use of their strengths in the classroom setting.  
  6. University Resources and Processes - Have you ever started a task and realized later that it was not as simple to complete it as you had thought?  We will discuss supportive resources available to students and the barriers that stop them from accessing help.  When we gain a clearer understanding of what it takes to get from point A to point B, we can increase the likelihood of our students getting help.  

We will shed light on these issues, provide insight about the military culture, and inform you about different ways to support student veterans in a college setting.  If you are interested in scheduling a departmental training, please contact Veteran Services at (256) 782-8838 or veterans@jsu.edu

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