Transfer Articulation

For Students Transferring From Alabama Public Two-year and Four-year Colleges and Universities

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Requirements for the bachelor's degree at JSU generally include at least 120-132 semester hours of appropriately distributed courses, a cumulative GPA of 2.0 overall on campus and satisfaction of the General Studies Curriculum, major, minor, residency, and all other criteria specified by the school or department governing the major.

For each major at JSU, the General Education Curriculum specific to that major provides a nucleus around which students can build an educational experience intended to improve the quality of their lives and prepare them for further study in a chosen major. These programs mirror the Alabama General Studies Curriculum, so students transferring to JSU from Alabama public two-year and four-year colleges may expect consistency throughout the prescribed program.

To see specific requirements for the major that interests you, highlight the major and click on the Go! button below.

Requirements for a Major in:

The General Education Curriculum consists of five areas of study, and all students must fulfill requirements in each area, as specified by major in the JSU Undergraduate Catalogue. Areas I-IV include the following:

AREA I. Written Composition (6 semester hours)

AREA II. Humanities and Fine Arts (12 semester hours)

AREA III. Natural Sciences and Mathematics (11 semester hours)

AREA IV. History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences (12 semester hours)

AREA V. Pre-Professional, Major, and Elective Courses (19-23 semester hours)

AREA V. Specific Requirements for JSU Undergraduate Majors

Area V consists of courses appropriate to the particular major, including, in most majors, some general electives.

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