Pre-Law Information

Pre Law

Pre-Law information is available in Undergraduate Studies and Special Programs, room 107 Martin Hall.  Our goal is to provide you with current, relevant information related to preparing for law school and the law school application process.  We also want to assist you in determining whether law school is the right choice for your future.  After reviewing this web page, please make an appointment to meet with the pre-law advisor, Dr. Lori Owens, to discuss any questions that you have.  Please contact Mrs. Sherry Cosper at (256) 782-8335 or email her at to schedule an appointment with Dr. Owens.

The information contained in this website is adapted in part from The University of Alabama, Auburn University, LSAC, feedback from our JSU Alumni, and the Handbook for Pre-Law Advisors.

As ABA accredited law schools advise against a pre-law major or minor and do not recommend one major over another, there are no specifically required courses to complete in order to apply to law school. However, students are encouraged to enroll in some of the courses that will expose them to facets of the law such as Introduction to the Law, Constitutional Law, The Judicial Process, Legal Reasoning, or Probate Courts and Administrative Law. Moreover, the Office of Undergraduate Studies and Special Programs (USSP) which provides pre-law assistance to all students regardless of major maintains and distributes an updated list of courses across various disciplines each semester during the free, practice LSAT sessions administered at least twice a semester. This list is regularly updated to reflect feedback from our graduating seniors and alumni who are enrolled in law school or who are employed in the field of law. Courses in disciplines which develop comprehensive reading skills, critical thinking, and effective writing skills are a necessity in preparing for law school.