Religious Groups
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Baptist Campus Ministries
Promotes fellowship and service to the campus and in the community.
Advisor: Gary Brittain, Campus Minister, 256-435-7020


Campus Outreach
To build college students into laborers for Jesus Christ.
Advisor: Katerri Krebs, Disability Services, 256-782-8390


Chi Alpha
Reconciling students to Christ, transforming the university, the marketplace and the world. 
Advisor: Christie Shelton, College of Nursing, (256) 782-5428


Engage JSU
A Christian organization that seeks to worship Christ and foster Christian relationships and serve the campus and community. More information is available at
Advisor: Brent Cunningham, Management and Marketing, 256-782-5785

Episcopal Campus Ministry
To encourage spiritual growth in Christ and provide services to the campus and community.
Advisor: Robert Carter, Biology, 256-782-5144

Faith Outreach Campus Ministry
Teaching and leading to an identify in God.
Advisor: Rochelle Smith, Residence Life, 256-782-5128

Jacksonville Christian Student Center (JCSC)
Striving to bring first century Christianity to twenty-first century students.
Advisor: Jana McGinnis, Athletic Department (Softball), 256-782-5524

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)
A college ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America dedicated to the cultivation of a Christ-centered community on the campus of Jacksonville State University.
Advisor: Steven Stout, Psychology and Philosophy, 256-782-8125

Sav-A-Life PCC Student Group 
This is a life affirming ministry that offers emotional and spiritual help to women affected by unplanned pregnancies. Their mission is to help these women choose life for their babies and eternal life for themselves.
Advisor: Kay Coger, Teacher Service Center, 256-782-5574

UPC (United Pentecostal Church) Student Ministry

To unite students of the pentecostal faith and continue in the Apostles doctrine.
Advisor: Ben Hardy, Finance Economics Accounting, 256-782-5397


Wesley Foundation

Providing an alternative community for students to hang out, study, ask questions, a place to belong, explore their spirituality and serve God.
Advisor: Karen Gregg, Associate Dean Arts and Sciences, 256-782-5231