Religious Groups

Baptist Campus Ministries
Baptist Campus Ministries at Jacksonville State University exists to reach, care for, and build up students in the love of Jesus Christ, involving them in the ministries of the BCM, preparing them to serve Jesus both here and abroad, all for the glory of God.
Advisor: Robert Cochran, Mathematical Computing Info Science, 256-782-5722      

Campus Outreach
To build college students into laborers for Jesus Christ.
Advisor: Katerri Krebs, English Department, 256-782-5454

Catholic Student Organization
A college student community support organization.
Advisor: Daniel Krejci, Political Science and Public Administration, 256-782-5687


Cooperative Student Fellowship 
Bringing like-minded students together for fellowship and service.
Advisor: Randy Blades, Drama, 256-782-5447

Engage JSU
A Christian organization that seeks to worship Christ and foster Christian relationships and serve the campus and community. More information is available at
Advisor: Brent Cunningham, Management and Marketing, 256-782-5785

Episcopal Campus Ministry (Canterbury Club)
The purpose of Episcopal Campus Ministry is to foster spiritual development among students, faculty, and staff.
Advisor: Paul Beezley, History & Foreign Language, 256-78254387

Faith Outreach Campus Ministry
Teaching and leading to an identify in God.
Advisor: Rochelle Smith, Residence Life, 256-782-5128

Jacksonville Christian Student Center (JCSC)
Striving to bring first century Christianity to twenty-first century students.
Advisor: Jana McGinnis, Athletic Department (Softball), 256-782-5524


Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)
Our mission is to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve. We want to be a rest stop for tired Christians and a safe place for skeptics.
Advisor: Christopher Probst, Music Department, 256-782-5044

Sound from Heaven Ministries
Sometimes it can be hard to hear what God wants from us in a deafening world. This organization is a Spirit-filled ministry that strives to learn His greater plan, the spiritual gifts we have been given, and how God can use us to glorify His kingdom.
Advisor: Kathryn Elkins, English Department, 256-782-8528

UKirk offers fellowship, opportunities for service and recreation, and a place of spiritual refuge and growth.                      
Advisor: Nancy Francisco Stewart, Social Work, 256-782-5344


Wesley Foundation
Providing an alternative community for students to hang out, study, ask questions, a place to belong, explore their spirituality and serve God.
Advisor: Kim Stevens, Library Basement, 256-782-5762