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Special Interest Groups

Active Minds At JSU
To promote awareness and education and to remove the stigma that surrounds mental illness and to create an environment for discussion.
Advisor: Linda Shelton, Counseling Services, 256-782-5954

African American Association
Encourages the exchange of ideas concerning African-American students at the University and promotes cultural understanding.
Advisor: Debbie Taylor, Student Life, 256-782-5490

African Historical Society
To promote truths about African history to students and serve the community's local youth.
Advisor: Ardie Dial, Criminal Justice, Political Science and Public Administration, 256-782-5391

Alpha Phi Omega
Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service Fraternity with the Cardinal Principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service.
Advisor: Laurie Charnigo Phillips, Houston Cole Library, 256-782-5245

American Chemical Society
Emphasize the importance and relevance of chemistry and offer tutoring services.
Advisor: Alfred Nichols, Physical and Earth Sciences, 256-782-8150

Circle K International
Promote community service, leadership and fellowship among members of the JSU community
Advisor: Annette Daugherty, Nursing Department, 256-782-5934

College Democrats
Promote the views and success of the Democratic Party through active interaction
in the campus setting.
Advisor: Ron Mellen, Criminal Justice, 256-782-8243

College Republicans
Encourages participation in the Republican Party.
Advisor: Dr. William Lester, Political Science, 256-782-5692

Collegiate Music Educators
Promotes the professional and artistic development of music teachers through professional conferences, in-service meetings, and events; supports the JSU Department of Music.
Advisor: Renee Baptiste, Music 256-782-5873

Dance Dance JSU-Ballroom Dance Club
To promote social and competitive ballroom dancing. 
Advisor: John Hammett, College of Education and Professional Studies, 256-782-8212

Dietetic and Culinary/Hospitality Student Association
Promotes community and fundraising projects.
Advisor:Tim Roberts, Family and Consumer Sciences, 256-782-5870

Doctor Who Appreciation League of English-Loving Kindred Spirits (D.A.L.E.K.S.)****Re-named JSU Fan Club****
To unite and explore our inner geek!
Advisor: Tanya Sasser, English Department, 256-782-5412

E.A.R.T.H. Club
To raise awareness of abuse inflicted upon our planet and to promote recycling.
Advisor: James Rayburn, Biology, 256-782-5803

Elite Ladies Organization
To encourage and inspire young women to serve in their community.
Advisor: Mary Clark, Counseling Department, 256-782-8166

A community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better more sustainable world.
Advisor: Rob Landry, Finance Economics Accounting, 256-782-8419

Family and Consumer Sciences Club
To unify the concentration within Family and Consumer Sciences into a student chapter of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS).
Advisor: Robbie Boggs, Family and Consumer Sciences, 256-782-5056

Fandon Association Network (FAN)-****Renamed JSU Fan Club****
To unite and explore our inner geek!
Advisor: Tanya Sasser, English Department, 256-782-5412

Forever Young Modeling Troupe
To promote fashion and help build confidence.
Advisor: Earl Warren, University Advancement, 256-782-5608

Freshman Forum
Provides freshmen an opportunity to become more involved in SGA. Must be an in-coming freshman who has shown campus involvement in high school and is committed to pursuing that commitment in college.
Advisor: Josh Robinson, Student Life, 256-782-5493

History Club
To encourage further learning and understanding of world history and our nation's great history.
Advisor: Dr. L. Cook, History, 256-782-8309

Honor's Program
The Honor's Program provides academically gifted students with an enriched educational experience in a diverse range of courses which foster independent, critical thinking and effective communication.
Advisor: Steven Whitton, English, 256-782-5414

Interfraternity Council
Association of nationally recognized fraternities which functions as the governing body and the Greek voice for JSU fraternities.
Advisor: Kristen Smith, Student Life, 256-782-5491

International Association of Emergency Management Student Chapter
To promote academic and research excellence and opportunities within the fields of emergency management and homeland security as well as their related disciplines.
Advisor: Stacey Mann, Emergency Management, 256-782-5968
E-mail:, Emergency Preparedness, 256-782-5968

International Student Organization (ISO) 
To foster a cultural understanding and sharing between the international students and increase international student ties with the local community.
Advisor: Jeff Clark, International House, 256-782-5303

Ironclad Gaming
To teach the mechanics of the gaming system, basic role-playing, socializing and enjoying the gaming experience.
Advisor: Tanya Sasser, English Department, 256-782-5412

Jacksonville Association of Nursing Students
Promoting a positive image of nursing throughout the local, state and national level.
Advisor: Jennifer Frank, Nursing and Health Sciences, 256-782-9633
Kay Prickett, Nursing and Health Sciences, 256-782-5909

Jax State Camo Squad
To promote the exploring nature and outdoor activities.
Advisors: Shawn Giddy, University Police Department, 256-782-5299
Robert Carter, Biology Department, 256-782-5144

JS Cru
Bringing together individuals with a passion for dancing (hip-hop) and a willingness to learn.
Advisor: Elizabeth Nelson, English Department, 256-782-5446

JSU Fan Club 
To promote fellowship with individuals sharing similar interests
Advisor: Tanya Sasser, English Department, 256-782-5412

JSU Gamecock Ultimate Frisbee (Men)   
To encourage and teach teamwork, to be competitive, to become physically fit and have fun.
Advisor: Allen Gilbert, HPER department, 256-782-8012

JSU Judo Jujitsu
To strive toward a harmonious development of the human character.
Advisor; Larry Beard, Curriculum and Instruction, 256-782-5078

JSU Math Club
To promote the interest of mathematics among students.
Advisor: David Dempsey, MCIS, 256-782-5124

JSU Mixed Martial Arts(MMA)
To instruct students on basic and intermediate martial arts skills.
Advisor: Larry Beard, Curriculum and Instruction, 256-782-5078

JSU Model Arab League-Geography
To learn more about the Arab world, to develop skills in parliamentary debate, and to participate in the Southeast Model Arab League sessions in the spring semester.
Advisor: Dr. L. J. Morgan, Geography, 256-782-5216

JSU Rugby
To promote teamwork, build character, and raise moral through playing rugby.
Advisor: Chris Westley, Finance. Economics,Accounting, 256-782-5392

JSU-SAS (Jacksonville State University Students About Service)
To provide a conduit for students to learn the importance of providing service for others through volunteerism.
Advisor: Lem McCauley, Counseling Services, 256-782-5146

JSU Students for Equality
Promote and educate gay rights, issues as well as provide a safer environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students.
Advisor: Tina Deshotels, Sociology, 256-782-5350

JSU Quidditch 
To promote quidditch through the use of games and to have a genuine interest.
Advisor: James Triplett, Biology Department, 256-782-5215

Kappa Mu Epsilon (Mathematics Honor Society)
To promote the interest of mathematics among undergraduate students and to recognize students who have attained academic distinction in mathematics.
Advisor: David Dempsey, MCIS, 256-782-5124

Kingdom Culture (formerly L.E.A.D.)
Promote striving for excellence in all areas of life.
Advisor: Rochelle Smith, Residence Life, 256-782-5128

Lambda Alpha Epsilon/ASO
To prepare and promote criminal justice majors or minors for Regional and National competitions.
Advisor: Randall Wood, Criminal Justice, 256-782-5340

Level Up
To provide a general understanding and interest of electronic gaming of the past, present and future.
Advisor: David Thornton, Computer Science, 256-782-5359

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People-N.A.A.C.P.
An outlet devoted to school involvement and community service.
Advisor: Debbie Taylor, Student Life, 256-782-5490

National-Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)
Association of nationally recognized, traditionally African-American sororities and fraternities which functions as the governing body and Greek voice for JSU's traditionally African-American sororities and fraternities.
Advisor: Kristen Smith, Student Life, 256-782-5491

National Society of Leadership and Success
Organization that provides experiential  learning to help promote leadership, personal development academically and professionally.
Advisor: Erin Rider, Sociology and Social Work, 256-782-8477

Outdoor Adventure Club
The club would like to offer Jacksonville State University students the opportunity to try various outdoor activities and learn outdoor skills.
Advisor: Jimmy Griffin, HPER department, 256-782-5519

PanHellenic Council 
Association of nationally recognized sororities which functions as the governing body and the Greek voice for JSU sororities.
Advisor: Kristen Smith, Student Life, 256-782-5491

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
For the development and advancement of music.
Legare McIntosh, Music Department, 256-782-5560

Political Economy Club at Jacksonville State University
The club is a reading, discussion, and debate group to promote the study of classical liberal and libertarian theory at JSU. Its members are interested in the economics and politics of the free and virtuous society and do not generally subscribe to the dominate Left or Right paradigms associated with the two major political parties.
Advisor: Christ Westley, Finance Economics Accounting, 256-782-5392

Political Science Model Arab League
To introduce students to all aspects of life in the Arab World while debating critical issues in an official format.
Advisor: Lori Owens, Political Science, 256-782-5106

Pre-Law Society
To create a comfortable atmosphere for students to learn the process of pursuing law school.
Advisor: Lori Owens, Political Science, 256-782-5106

Residence Hall Association
Provide a voice and address the concerns of residents living in JSU residence halls and apartments.
Advisor: Shannon Coleman, Residence Life, 256-782-5860

Retreat From The Heat
A college ministry providing students and young adults in the community the opportunity to fellowship together.
Advisor: Tracy Broom, Compliance, 256-782-5737

Sav-A-Life is a life affirming ministry that offers emotional and spiritual help to women affected by unplanned pregnancies. Our mission is to help these women choose life for their babies and eternal life for themselves.
Advisor: Kay Coger, Teacher Service Center, 256-782-5574

Servant Leadership-Omega Chi Delta
Dedicated to developing personal character and servant leaders through education and service opportunities on campus and the community.
Advisor: Linda Shelton, Counseling Services, 256-782-5954


Shift Happens Car Club
Bringing together individuals with a passion and respect for cars.
Advisor: Elizabeth Nelson, English Department, 256-782-5446

Spanish Club
The goal is to reach the community with awareness of the language and culture.
Advisor: Eduardo Pacheco, History, 256-782-8245

Students Alumni Association
JSU Alumni are ready to assist and prepare students for jobs after college.
Advisor: Allen Renfroe, Alumni Relations, 256-782-8256

Student Government Association (SGA)
Promote the welfare of the student community by providing an avenue for student expression, social activities and student services. All enrolled students are members.
Advisor: Debbie Taylor, Student Life, 256-782-5491

Tau Delta Phi
To encourage academic excellence, foster good moral decisions and enhance the ideals of brotherhood through the holistic development of its undergraduates.
Advisor: David Myer, English Department, 256-782-5464

Young American for Liberty at Jacksonville State University
To promote economic and social freedom.
Advisor: Chris Westley, Finance  Economics Accounting, 256-782-5392

Women's Issues, Support and Empowerment
To promote a more balanced world, where every woman feels valuable. We hope to use our experiences as tools of empowerment, inspiration, and change. Through activism, we believe, ideals become reality.
Advisor: Erin Rider, Sociology Department, 256-782-8477

Writers' Club
An artistic outlet that encourages writers to find their talent in a specific genre and to improve writings skills.
Advisor: Douglas O'Keefe, English, 256-782-5549

Young People Revolution (Y.P.R.) 
Creating and equipping the next generation of young leaders with professional skills to be successful.
Advisor: Ed Lett, Athletic Department, 256-782-8101

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