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NPHC Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements to join an NPHC organization?

A:  Each organization has different, specific requirements for their applicants in order to become a candidate for membership. The most comprehensive answer would be a good GPA and evidence of community/ campus involvement or public service. Also, ALL JSU students are required to attend  NPHC convocation prior to beginning any membership intake activities. Convocation takes place at the beginning of every semester. Those who do not attend will not be granted membership standing.

Q: How do you go about being open with NPHC organizations and trying to get to know the members in hopes of joining their group?

A: Take the time to get to know the organization as a whole, looking at it on a national level and the values that it holds dear. Grade the chapter based on the information you have found.  Also, allow your work ethic, resume, and campus involvement to speak for itself.Exceeding the requirement expectations, attending chapter programs, and carrying the qualities of that particular organization, raise the likelihood of being extended an invitation to membership.

Q: How do I show interest?

A:  The best ways to show interest in an organization are to:

·         Attend chapters programs and events.

·         Attend an Interest Meeting or Informational for that chapter.

·         Get to know the members of the organization.

·         Use the internet, book, and people to find out information about the chapter

Q:  When is RUSH/Informational?

A: NPHC does not have a formal recruitment process. Each chapter holds their RUSH meetings at their own discretion. Typically Flyers and announcements will be posted in advance.

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