Why Freshman Forum?
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The Student Government Association's general election is held every spring semester before prospective freshmen are enrolled. The Forum allows the freshman class to have a voice in the governance of the student body, while allowing its members to make new friends and contacts that will enable them to become involved in campus organizations and activities. Studies show that the retention rate for freshmen is higher for those who are involved in campus activities! Studies also show the Forum's GPA is higher than the first-time freshman's GPA.

The Forum, made up of  incoming freshman, meets weekly to ensure the general welfare of the student body at Jacksonville State University and to provide services to the community. Participation in Freshman Forum allows for further opportunities to get involved on campus and in the SGA, and the opportunity to take part in group and individual projects. Being a member of the Forum is the Freshman's way into the SGA!

Members of Freshman Forum have gone on to become SGA Officers and Senators, Gamecock Orientation Leaders, Ambasadors, leaders of JSU fraternities and sororities, as well as many other organizations!