Sociology Advising and Checklist

Sociology Advising

Sociology majors are assigned a faculty advisor upon declaration of the major.  Students meet with their advisor every semester.  Advisement sessions each semester provide sociology faculty members the opportunity to counsel students regarding possibilities for future employment and/or graduate studies. Students are expected to work closely with their assigned advisor to plan a sequential course of study and complete curriculum requirements in an appropriate and timely manner. 

Advisee Instructions for Academic Advisement and Registration

  1. Review your transcripts (myjsu)
  2. Complete the sociology program checklist
  3. Follow the suggested plan of study in the catalogue
  4. Complete a Trial Schedule Registration form by using the classes schedule for the chosen semester.
  5. List any questions about the schedule
  6. Bring your updated checklist, completed trial schedule registration form and any questions to the meeting with your academic advisor
  7. Obtain signature of academic advisor on completed trial schedule registration form.
  8. Present the signed trial schedule registration form to the departmental secretary to be cleared for registration.

Advisee Instructions for choosing electives:   

  1. Consider the relevance of the course to your occupational goals.
  2. Consider how the course might contribute to your personal growth.
  3. Discuss the course with your advisor.
  4. Discuss the course with the instructor.
  5. Go to the University bookstore and review the course textbook(s).
  6. When in doubt, take a course from an instructor you have not had. Each instructor has a unique, individual perspective.

Stay in close contact with your advisor.  For sociology faculty, advising is not limited to our majors or our office.  In order to help students become involved in activities, the sociology program faculty sponsor several student groups and host workshops, speakers etc. that promote the goals and missions of the sociology program, department and university.   

Students may use the below checklist to track their progress toward obtaining your degree.

Sociology Checklist

Important information

  • English Competency Exam (ECE)
  • ETS Proficiency Profile (EPP)
  • Major Field Achievement Test (MFAT) - Administered during SY 499.
  • Senior Exit Interview - Administered during SY 499.
  • Graduation Certification - One semester prior to graduation.
  • Graduation Application - One semester prior to graduation.