WISE (Women's Issues, Support and Empowerment)

Through education and activism we seek to connect individuals with solutions to the problems we face in order to create a more balanced world where women's issues are addressed, women are supported in their endeavors, and empowered to make changes in their lives and ultimately society.

We are excited to get this semester started and hope you are too.    We have our first meeting coming up on September 27 at 6:00 PM in Room 330 Brewer Hall.  

Below is a highlight of our accomplishments last semester and a preview of our plans for this semester.

WISE Highlights Spring 17: 

Last semester we sponsored several activities but most of our energy focused on sponsoring The Vagina Monologues.  We also presented our first “WISE Leader Award” to Ms. Gina Carnovale (see summary below). 

Vagina Monologues:  This was by all measures a very successful event.  Public praise must go to Ms. Alexis Paige, our volunteer coordinator for the event, and Ms. Jocelyn Kelly for her work with sponsorships.  We were able to donate 10% of the revenue to the V-day foundation ($342.00), and $3,000.00 to our local domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and response center 2nd Chance Inc.   

WISE Student Leader Award”: Ms. Gina Carnovale:
We are introducing this award to ensure that we publically recognize and praise women advocates for their hard work. All too often women advocate in large and small ways without the public recognition they deserve.  This award is instituted to address these shortcomings, to give advocates the accolades they deserve and to thereby socialize them to feel entitled to public praise and recognition that they so deserve.   

The recipient of the award must have demonstrated over a significant period of time, dedication to the promotion of women’s issues, combined with a strong sense of civic duty aimed at redressing the problems women face. 
We have said of this year’s winner that she has for some time, and continues to put her heart and soul into both supporting individual women and building a feminist community.  She is truly a feminist advocate, vocal about promoting women’s issues not only in the context of our group but also in the many arenas she participates in across campus.  She shows in large and small ways by deeds and words that for women the personal is the political.  She exemplifies what we hope to see in WISE leaders.   While Gina has graduated and moved on and we wish her all the best, we will surely miss her.  At the same time, we know that she carries the WISE sprit with her and we all thank her for her dedication to improving the lives of those she touches.  We are also getting a plaque and Gina Carnovale will be the first name on it. 

WISE Preview Fall 17

Activities:  Our activities will focus on ensuring that our voices are represented in activities on campus.   We discussed a variety of ways to ensure this from having representatives of WISE in other organizations, attending activities as a group and/or programming around issues pertinent to campus life.
Leadership:  We want to establish a leadership structure that will ensure the continuity of the group.   This will be a topic at the first meeting of the semester. 

Awards Banquet: We discussed having an awards banquet in the Spring Semester that would include faculty and community awards.  The award would build on our first WISE Leader Award

More Information and Activities

WIPE out Domestic Violence:
“October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we are hoping to “WIPE” out Domestic Violence.  See the attached flyer with the most needed items for the emergency shelters.  The JKC emergency shelter has 23 bed capacity for women fleeing domestic violence with their accompanying children.  The “Little House” shelter can house up to 4 women with limited mobility or over the age of 50” (2nd Chance Outreach Coordinator).  
Working with Fight Against Domestic Violence (FADV).  We could incorporate the FADV #TakeAStand17 campaign and incorporate it into your plans. 
 “Take A Stand” in a unique and interesting way to support survivors of domestic violence, and follow up with a small donation to our local  DV organization.   So how do you invite people to “Take A Stand”?... It’s simple!
  1. Choose how you will “Take a Stand” - head stand, hand stand, on the steps of the capitol, from the top of a mountain, standing on a chair, with your co-workers, with your family.  You decide. The more creative the better!
  2. Record a Video - Record yourself "Taking a Stand", state the domestic violence organization to which you will donate, and invite 3 individuals to join you in Taking a Stand against domestic violence.
  3. Post and Donate - Post your #TakeAStand video to your various social media, tag the people you invited to join you, use the hashtags #TakeAStand #DVAM #TakeAStand17 #[Your Organization Name], and make a donation to the domestic violence organization of your choice (suggested $30 donation - for 30 years of Domestic Violence Awareness Month).
  Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Here’s a sample video (
#TakeAStand Video) that demonstrates one version of this campaign. This is one of several videos we will launch on Monday, October 2nd.   We recognize the power behind a viral movement; together we can accomplish great things!
In short, we want to create the Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon for the domestic violence community.