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Dr. Tina H. Deshotels



Florida State University, Ph.D. Sociology
Major Area:  Organizations and Institutions
Dissertation:  Engaging a Debate: An Exploration of the Effectiveness of Theories of Engagement and Gender on Explaining Depression in the Nursing Home     

Middle Tennessee State University, M.A. in Sociology
Thesis Naming Sexual Harassment:  A Process                                                                                                                                                                           

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, B.A. in Sociology
Honor's Thesis  : A Sociological Study of Nude Dancers

Rank: Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Sociology

Tenure at JSU: Since August, 2005

Curriculum Vitae For Dr. Deshotels

Dr. Tina Hebert Deshotels (Dez-ah-tel) received her B.A. in sociology from what is now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1996; her M.A. in sociology from Middle Tennessee State University in 1998, and her Ph.D. in sociology from Florida State University in 2004. She has taught at a variety of colleges and universities from large, state universities to small, private, liberal arts colleges. 

Dr. Deshotel's areas of interest are broad, but generally fall under the umbrella of Theory, Gender and Deviance.  Her research centers on demonstrating the importance of theorizing explanations of social phenomena using multiple levels of analysis.  For example, one research project builds on her previous work in the area of sex work by examining power in exotic dancing at the micro, meso and macro levels of analysis.  Dr. Deshotels is active on campus and in the community through work with Women's Issues Support and Empowerment (WISE) student group, as well as JSU Students For Equality.

Courses Taught:  At JSU SY 221 Introduction to Sociology, SY310 Marriage and Family, SY 313 Social Psychology, SY 320 Criminology, SY322 Juvenile Delinquency, SY324 Social Stratification, SY 365 Drugs and Society, SY 367 Sociology of Sexualities, SY 368 Theories of Gender, SY 427 Classical Social Theory, SY428 Contemporary Social Theory, SY441 Independent Study, and SY460 Internship

At Other Universities:  Social Problems, Sociological Methods, Aging Across the Life Course, Sex and Gender, and Family Problems and Social Change

Recent Publications

Ross, J., Deshotels, T. H., Forsyth, C. J. (in press). Fantasy Objects: The Perception of Safety of Emergency Shelter in Place Kits. Deviant Behavior: An Interdisciplinary Journal/Routledge/Taylor and Francis.

Deshotels, T. H. (2014). "Peacemaking Criminology". In Craig J. Forsyth and  Heith Copes (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Social Deviance (vol. 2, pp. 489-492). Thousand Oaks: CA: Sage Publications.

Deshotels, T. H. (2014). "Queer Theory". In Craig J. Forsyth and  Heith Copes (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Social Deviance (vol. 2, pp. 572-575). Thousand Oaks: CA: Sage Publications.

Deshotels, T. H., Hebert, G. E., Forsyth, C. J. (2013). The Declining Criminal Arts: The Pick Pocket. The International Journal of Crime, Criminal Justice and Law/Serials Publication, 8(1-2), 69-76.

Deshotels, T. H., R. C. (2013). Introduction to "Binders Full of Women:  Gendered Identities, Experiences and Institutions". Sociological Spectrum/Taylor and Francis Group LLC/Routledge, 33(5)

Deshotels, T. H. (2013). Engendering Depression: Medical and Social Explanations for Gender Differences in Depression. The International Journal of Crime, Criminal Justice and Law, 8(1-2), 1-32. 

Deshotels, T. H., Derise, C. R., Forsyth, C. J. (2012). "A Relative Comparison of Hate Crimes Over Time.". The International Journal of Crime, Criminal Justice and Law, 7(1-2), 15-20. 

Deshotels, T. H., Forsyth, C. J., Tinney, M. (2011). McSexy:  Exotic Dancing and Institutional Power. Deviant Behavior/Taylor and Francis, 33(2), 140-148.

Research in Submission

Deshotels, T. H., Forsyth, C. J. A Sad State of Affairs: Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression Among the Nursing Home Elderly. International Journal of Social Anthropology.

Deshotels, T. H. Naming Sexual Harassment:  A Process. The International Journal of Crime, Criminal Justice and Law/Serials Publication.

Deshotels, T. H. From Sacred to Demonic and Beyond:  RE/Presentations of Sexuality. Journal of Social Anthropology.

Research in Progress

"Dancing With Power" (Writing Results)
This project uses the framework established in my last publication "McSexy: Exotic Dancing and Institutional Power" to critically review the literature on the topic of exotic dance.  The review will examine findings from published articles on power and exotic dancing at the individual level, interactional level and institutional level.

 "Where's Your Evidence:  Critical Thinking through Writing and Discussion" (On-Going)
This project describes and assesses an activity designed to promote critical thinking, writing and discussion skills.  Students are required to write an analytic paper on an assigned reading and work collaboratively to lead a discussion on the topic.  A rubric is used to measure student learning outcomes of critical thinking as well as writing and communication skills.

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