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BSW Student Advisement

Although students may declare a social work major at any time by completing a form in the departmental office, formal acceptance to the BSW Program will not occur until students have made application in the manner described in the BSW Admission Policy. The admissions application process provides one opportunity for an evaluation of a student's ability to reach desired program goals and objectives.

Social work majors are assigned a social work faculty advisor upon declaration of the major. This closely monitored advisement process ensures that social work faculty advise all social work majors, and BSW Program faculty meet with advisees at least once during each semester. For each advisee, the faculty advisor accesses the student's academic transcript on the MyJSU Banner System, which reflects the student's course history, hours completed, and overall GPA. A social work form, "Student Check Sheet," is completed on each student, and is updated each semester. Advisement sessions each semester provide social work faculty opportunities to counsel out students who are academically or personally unable to pursue the BSW. As concerns and questions about students arise, social work faculty confer with each other as part of the assessment process. Students are expected to work closely with their assigned Academic Advisor to plan a sequential course of study and complete curriculum requirements in an appropriate and timely manner.

Introduction to Social Work (SW 330) is a prerequisite to many social work courses and should be taken no later than the first semester, Junior year. This course provides necessary information to assist students in a rational decision of whether to pursue the BSW degree. It is recommended that students complete the General Studies requirements before taking advanced social work courses above SW 330. Some General Studies requirements are prerequisites for social work courses, so students are urged to read the JSU Catalogue carefully when planning schedules and seek clarification from Academic Advisors when questions arise.

A major step in the student advisement process occurs during the semester prior to each student's Field Instruction placement. At that time, the Field Coordinator reviews all applications for Field Instruction, obtains input from other faculty regarding each student's readiness to advance to Field Instruction, and advises students who fall short of those requirements. Once students are accepted for Field Instruction, further evaluation of their abilities to achieve desired goals and objectives occurs during the placement experience and in the Field Instruction Seminar (SW 450). Performance evaluations submitted by agency Field Instructors as part of the grading of students can alert the Field Coordinator to the need for special attention concerning students needing assistance in improving their Field Instruction performance. The Field Instruction Manual provides clear guidelines on student behavior during the experience.

The semester before completing course work is when students apply for admission to Field Instruction. Students then file an application for a degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. A certification secretary in the office of the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences is responsible for reviewing carefully each student's transcript to determine if students have met requirements for graduation. Where deficiencies exist, students are notified by the College office. Students must have a 2.25 overall and a 2.25 in social work to graduate.

Student rights and responsibilities are found in the Jacksonville State University Catalogue, the Student Handbook, The Faculty Advisor's Manual, BSW Program Handbook, the Field Instruction Manual, the Volunteer Placement Manual for SW 330 (Introduction to Social Work) and SW 334 (Service Learning). Students that are encountering problems in their course work are invited to discuss them with a faculty member. These student/faculty conferences can result in a reduced course load, tutoring, a study skills course, or testing through the JSU Career and Counseling Center.

Instructions for Academic Advisement and Registration

  1. Identify your Social Work academic advisor.  For this information you can contact Marti Moore, BSW Assistant @ 256-782-5591 or

  2. Review your academic transcript on MyJSU.

  3. Complete the BSW Program Checklist

  4. Focus on General Studies Requirements first.

  5. Sign up for advisement with your advisor.

  6. Complete a Trial Schedule Registration Form using JSU class schedule.

  7. List any questions about the schedule.

  8. Bring your completed BSW Program Checklist, completed Trial Schedule Registration Form and any questions to the meething you have arranged with your advisor.

  9. Have your Trial Schedule Registration Form signed by your academic advisor.

  10. You and your academic advisor will present your signed Trial Schedule Registration Form to Marti Moore, BSW Assistant who will remove the alternate PIN for online registration.
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