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Social Work

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Activities Toward BSW Program Completion

  1. Student is admitted to JSU and receives electronic access to the JSU Catalogue ( and JSU Student Handbook. (

  2. A Social Faculty Member is assigned as an Academic advisor to each student by the SY-SW program secretary (309 Brewer Hall / 256-782-5591) and the student progresses through the General Studies curriculum.

  3. Student meets with advisor each semester to review progress toward completing degree requirements and obtains approval for their next semester's course schedule.

  4. Student takes SW 330-Introduction to Social Work (late sophomore or early junior year) after a minimum of 30 hours and is given the location for the electronic copy of the BSW Program Handbook (grade of "C" or better is one requirement for admission into BSW Program).

  5. Students take and pass the English Competency Exam after completion of at least 60 hours. Students must also pass MS 108, MS 110 or MS 112 and MS 204.  (MUST SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE A MINIMUM OF ALL OF THE REQUIREMENTS ABOVE PRIOR TO APPLYING FOR ADMISSION TO THE BSW PROGRAM). 

  6. Student submits application for admission to the BSW Program upon successful completion of SW 390, Practice I and all additional requirements and begins to complete the social work curriculum requirements.

  7. Student's application is reviewed by the Admissions Committee for a decision on admission (students must have completed at least 60 hours, have at least a GPA of 2.25, have passed the ECE, passed MS 108, MS 110 or MS 112 and MS 204, and have earned a "C" or better in SW 330, Intro to Social Work).

  8. Decision letters are then mailed to the student concerning program admission.

  9. Student continues progression in major and prepares to apply for field placement prior to their final semester.

  10. In preparation for graduation, the student should email Ms. Karen Gregg (, Certification Secretary, College of Arts and Sciences, with their name, student number, and advise Ms. Gregg that they are preparing for Field Placement and are requesting that Ms. Gregg review his/her academic transcript for graduation no later than the semester prior to Field Placement.

  11. College of Arts and Sciences Certification Secretary reviews application for degree and notifies the BSW Program Director and the student of any deficiencies in student's transcript.

  12. After being admitted to the program and completing all requirements prior to Field Placement eligibility, the student submits an application for Field Placement during the semester prior to the semester of Field Placement.  (All social work courses required for the BSW must be completed with a minimum GPA of 2.25 in social work and an overall GPA of 2.25 to be eligible for Field Placement).

  13. The student is notified of a mandatory initial informational meeting about Field Placement which is held during the semester before the Field Placement experience.  Students are given an Application for Degree and information regarding the following: Graduating Senior Survey (GSS) which is completed online through the JSU Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, Exit Interview Survey, ETS Proficiency Profile (EPP), and graduation.

  14. Student completes and returns to the Field Coordinator all required forms for Field Placement and degree. Student arranges to complete required ETS Proficiency Profile (EPP).

  15. Student will also schedule an individual meeting with BSW Program Field Coordinator, Ms. Robyn Snider.  Formal planning for Field Placement proceeds with students having no identified deficiencies.

  16. Student completes degree requirements (final semester-SW 448, 449, and 450 = 15 hours). (Total minimum hours for graduation = 128)

  17. Dean's office certifies student for graduation.

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