Fagan Periodicals

May 2016

Alabama Living; Alabama Rural Electric Association magazine (480,000 circulation); May 2016

Midtown Montgomery Living; "Alabama Book Festival 2016," April 21, 2016

NWO Golf Links magazine; "Creating a Stronger Alabama Through Golf;" October 2015

Remapping Debate.org; web site for policymakers and journalists nationwide, "Freeing Up an Enormous Nest Egg," October 16, 2013

Stars and Stripes (for US Armed Forces); originated from Yangon, Myanmar but circulated around the world in editions for US, Europe, Middle East, Far East; "Search for Missing Revived by Warming Relations," May 20, 2013

The Calhoun Community Press in the January 2012

Northwest Military.com from McChord AFB, WA; June 3, 2011.

Outreach; University of Alabama; School of Social Work Alumni Magazine (Spring 2011)

US News and World Report, " Should You Move After Retirement?" March 3, 2010

2008 Consumer Reports, "50 Steps to a Richer Retirement"

Caldwell Banker Real Estate; January 24, 2010

Hawaii Investing News; January 23, 2010

Yahoonews.com; January 22, 2010

US News and World Report; January 22, 2010

TheStreet.com; February 4, 2009

2008 Consumer Reports, "50 Steps to a Richer Retirement."

First Monday (Lambton County, Ontario, Canada) for December 2007

RV Gazette (Canada's magazine RV living), January-February 2007

Upper Cumberland Business Journal; August 2006

Stateline.org; May 4, 2006

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine; April 2006

Stateline.org (information for state and federal policymakers, journalists, advocacy groups, research organizations, polling groups, and the general public made available on a national level) on March 7, 2006

Oregon Business Journal, November 2005

Stateline.org (nationwide circulation and World Wide Web), July 28, 2005

An article on military retirees in a "White Paper" by the North Carolina Center for Policy Studies, June 2005

Military.com (nationwide circulation and World Wide Web), May 5, 2005

Piedmont (AL) City Schools Newsletter, October 2004

Where to Retire magazine, September/October 2004

County, September/October 2004, A publication of the Texas Association of Counties, volume 16, number 5 CBS Market Watch, May 25, 2004

AARP Bulletin (Western Edition) May 2004 Consumer Reports, Money Adviser, May 2004

University of Alabama School of Social Work, Alumni News, Spring 2004

Mountain Promise, The Appalachian Regional Commission Newsletter, Spring 2004

Region Focus, The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Virginia; Summer 2003

Gadsden, Alabama Chamber Newsletter, November 2003

National Association of Development Organizations' Economic Development Digest, June 2003

Peninsula Business News (Bellingham, WA) April 2003

Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel News, November 2002

Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, November 2002

Community Development Digest, October 2002

Alabama Home Builder, September/October 2002

Retirement Living News, September 2002 Selling to Seniors, September 2002

Birmingham Business Journal, April 2002

Tidsspegal (Journal of Adult Education Association of Sweden), March 2001

Kiplinger's Retirement Planning Guide for 2001 (Fall)

East Alabama Commission Communique, June 2001 JSU Economic Update, Volume 9, Issue 9, September 2000

Arizona Senior Industries Development Newsletter, Fall 2000

JSU Annual Report for 1999-2000

Where to Retire magazine, Spring 2000

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, May 2000

Gem of The Hills (JSU Alumni Association), Summer 1999

Selling to Seniors, August 1999

The Retirement Systems of Alabama Advisor, June 1999

The AARP Bulletin, May 1999

Kiplinger Washington Letter, December 23, 1998

New Choices, November 1998

Business Week, July 20, 1998

Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, June 1998

Mississippi Business Journal, April 27, 1998

Mature Outlook, April 1998

Mainly for Seniors, Syndicated Column by Copley News to 200 papers nationally, March 10, 1998

Dartmouth University Alumni Magazine, February 1998

Beyond 50, January 1998

Georgia Trend magazine, August 1997

Southern Business Journal, August 1996

Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine, August 1995, (assisted with story on taxes for retirees)

Money magazine, Special Issue on Retirement, March 1994

New Choices in Retirement Living, February 1994

United Retirement Bulletin, January 1994

The Retirement Letter, December 1993

Mature Market Editorial Services (350 mature market publications serviced) October, 1993

Inside Etowah County, Etowah County Tourism Board, 1993-94

Upstream, Gadsden-Etowah Chamber of Commerce, July 1993

The Four Corners Business Journal (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah), July 1993

The Alabama Municipalities Journal, May 1993

The Farm Journal, March 1993

Advantage Point, Winter 1992-93

The Retirement System of Alabama Advisor, June 1992 and August 1992

The Real Estate Investment Journal, Summer 1992

Aging in Alabama, August 1992

Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine, August 1992

New Choices, April 1992

The United Retirement Bulletin, March 1992

The Kiplinger Washington Newsletter, February 7, 1992

Business Alabama Monthly, February 1992

Northwest Relocation News, Fall 1991

Peninsula Business Journal, (Washington), July 1991

Sun-belt Northwest, Volume 3, No. 1, 1990/91

Alabama Magazine, April 1991

Selling to Seniors, January 16, 1991

San Antonio Business Journal, January 12, 1991

Selling to Seniors, September 24, 1990

Senior Spectrum Weekly, May 1990

Maturity Market Perspectives, May/June 1990

Alabama Development News, March 1990

American Demographics, October 1989

Alabama Development News, October/March/January 1989

The Retirement Letter, July 1989

Alabama Magazine, July/August 1989

U. S. News and World Report, March 6, 1989

Journal of Business, February 16, 1989

Governing Magazine, January 1989

Alabama Development News, September 1988

The Retirement Letter, September 1988

The American Banker, July 28, 1988

Alabama Social Services, Spring 1983

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