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Notice: The Spring 2012 ECE dates: Feb. 28-29th.
The deadline to begin remediation with Learning Services is January 20th 2012.
ECE and Remediation

The English Competency Exam is a 400-500 word essay exam required for graduation. Any student who does not pass the ECE must complete ECE remediation . We have qualified learning assistants and instructors who find and analyze your writing flaws and help you become a better writer.

The remediation process consists of the completion of six passing essays in no less than six weeks. Students can accomplish this by taking LS 096 Writing Competency Skills (1 credit hour) or by receiving individual assistance. Students who take LS 096 are required to sign up for the course during registration or audit the course. This course generates an average of 110 credit hours per year. ECE remediation assistance generates 315 credit hour equivalence yearly. Approximately 80% of students who remediate in LS pass the ECE on the next attempt.

How to Apply for ECE Remediation

To sign up for individual assistance for ECE remediation, please visit our office located on the ground floor of the Houston Cole Library or complete the online application: Application for ECE Remediation

Remember: You must have 6 weeks to complete your essays; therefore, any student who wishes to remediate at the beginning of each semester must sign up for assistance within the first seven days of the semester . This allows us time to prepare you before the exams are given.

For more information regarding the ECE, please visit the English Department web site at