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  • State of Alabama law requires that vendors on purchase orders of $5,000.00 or more have a completed Vendor Disclosure Statement.
  • The Purchasing Policy has been amended to allow purchases of $300 or less to be made using Direct Vouchers. Prior approval of the Director of Procurement & Fixed Assets is required.
  • Account code 76001 should be used only when an individual item costs $5,000 or more. Account code 76008 should be used for equipment items costing $250 to $4,999.
  • Please remember to send any paper documentation for purchase requisitions to the Office of Purchasing as soon as possible.
  • University policy now requires that membership purchases be approved by the appropriate vice president. Documentation must be sent to the Office of Purchasing.
  • Direct voucher payments must include an explanation as to why a purchase order was not processed for the purchase. Direct voucher payments for utilities and legal services are the only payments that do not require an explanation.