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B.A., Northeast Louisiana University, Psychology, 1992.
M.S., Northeast Louisiana University, General-Experimental Psychology, 1995.
Ph.D., Texas Christian University, Experimental Psychology, 2001.
Postdoctoral Fellow, Binghamton University, 2000-2003.
Board Certified Behavior Analyst, 2006, #1-06-2694 (now #1-13-2694).

Courses 2012-2013

Psy 201 Principles of Psychology

Psy 408 Human Memory

Psy 423 Sensation and Perception

Psy 444 Conditioning and Learning

Psy 528 Applied Behavior Analysis I

Psy 563 Behavior Therapy

Academic and Applied Interests

I am fascinated by all types of learning. As and experimentalist, I have researched how animals and people deal with competing cues for important events and how animals behave when previously learned rewards stop coming. As an applied behavior analysist, I have used principles of learning and memory to assist children with developmental disabilities and to accelerate school performance in typically developing children.

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Associate Professor
205 Ayers Hall
Office phone: (256) 782-8125
Fax: (256) 782-5637