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Paige McKerchar


B.S. University of Florida (Psychology), 1998
M.A. University of Kansas (Human Development), 2002
Ph.D. University of Kansas (Behavioral Psychology), 2006
Doctoral-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Courses Offered

PSY 521 Functional Assessment
PSY 529 Applied Behavior Analysis II
PSY 540 Analysis of Child Development
PSY 541 Verbal Behavior

Research Interests

Dr. McKerchar's interest is in the application of behavior analysis to young children and individuals with developmental disabilities. To date, that research has focused on the assessment and treatment of problem behavior, sign language training with infants and toddlers, and the improvement of teaching and behavior management methods in child care settings.

Service and Professional Interests 

Dr. McKerchar is the Director of the Center for Behavioral Studies, the mission of which is to support faculty research addressing issues of global importance, while concurrently training JSU students and providing the community with applied behavior analysis services for individuals with special needs. 
Dr. McKerchar also serves as the Executive Director of the Alabama Association for Behavior Analysis (ALABA), and regularly participates in events hosted by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) and the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (ABPA). Additionally, she frequently serves as a reviewer for the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and is a former member of the editorial board for Behavior Analysis in Practice.

Representative Publications

McKerchar, P. M., & Abby, L. (2012). Systematic evaluation of variables that contribute to noncompliance: A replication and extension. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 45, 607-611.

Thompson, R. H., Cotnoir-Bichelman, N. M., McKerchar, P. M., Tate, T. L., & Dancho, K. A. (2007). Enhancing early communication through infant sign training. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 40, 15-23.

Cote, C. A., Thompson, R. H., Hanley, G. P., & McKerchar, P. M. (2007). Teacher report and direct assessment of preferences for identifying reinforcers for young children. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 40, 157-166.

Cotnoir-Bichelman, N. M., Thompson, R. H., McKerchar, P. M., & Haremza, J. L. (2006). Training student teachers to reposition infants frequently. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 39, 489-494.

Cote, C. A., Thompson, R. H., & McKerchar, P. M. (2005). The effects of antecedent interventions and extinction on toddler compliance with transitions. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 38, 235-238.

Tate, T. L., Thompson, R. H., & McKerchar, P. M. (2005). Training teachers in an infant classroom to use embedded teaching strategies. Education and Treatment of Children, 28, 206-221.

Thompson, R. H., McKerchar, P. M., & Dancho, K. A. (2004). The effects of delayed physical prompts and reinforcement on infant sign language development. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 37, 379-383.

McKerchar, P. M., & Thompson, R. H. (2004). A descriptive analysis of potential reinforcement contingencies in the preschool classroom. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 37, 431-443.

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