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Ph.D., University of Iowa

Professional Interests

Dr. Bitgood's primary interest is social design or environment-behavior relationships. Most of his recent research has been in exhibition centers (museums, science centers, zoos, etc.) where he studies how to increase the impact of exhibits by applying psychological principles. 

Representative Publications

Bitgood, S. (2002). Environmental psychology in museums, zoos, and other exhibition centers. In Bechtel & A. Churchman (eds.), The Environmental Psychology Handbook (2nd ed). John Wiley & Sons.

Bitgood, S. (2003). The role of attention in designing effective interpretive labels. The Journal of Interpretation Research, 5(2), 31-45.

Bitgood, S., & Dukes, S. (2005). Not another step! Economy of movement and pedestrian choice point behavior in shopping malls. Environment and Behavior, 38(3), 394-405.

Bitgood, S. (2006). An analysis of visitor circulation: Movement patterns and the general value principle. Curator, 49(4), 463-475.

Bitgood, S., Dukes, S., & Abbey, L. (2006). Interest and effort as predictors of reading: A test of the general value principle. Current Trends in Audience Research, 19, 1-6.

Steve Bitgood

Professor, Psychology 
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