Vision, Mission, Goals & Values

JSU Vision

Jacksonville State University strives for continuous improvement as a learning-centered community committed to developing the ability to think critically, solve problems creatively and collaboratively, and communicate effectively.

JSU Mission

Jacksonville State University provides distinctive educational, cultural and social experiences for a diverse student population. As a learning-centered university, Jacksonville State University strives to challenge students academically in a responsive environment, meeting students' educational, career and personal goals. As an academic institution, Jacksonville State University seeks to produce broadly-educated graduates prepared for global engagement. As a public, comprehensive university, Jacksonville State University promotes excellence in scholarly and service activities consistent with its academic and professional strengths.

JSU Goals

  1. Educate students to be productive, responsible citizens and effective leaders.
  2. Advance student learning through academic excellence.
  3. Increase student and faculty participation in research and service activities.
  4. Create a diverse learning community that facilitates academic and professional excellence.
  5. Effectively use technology to support learning, research, information management and evidence based decision-making.
  6. Continuously improve administrative processes and services.
  7. Enhance revenue growth and financial planning to ensure adequate fiscal resources for the University.

JSU Core Values

  1. Quality teaching to enhance student learning and leadership skills for employment, citizenship, and life-long development.
  2. Academic, as well as overall, excellence in all aspects of university life.
  3. The ethical, social, intellectual, cultural and physical development of students, faculty, and staff.
  4. The support of intellectual and academic freedom, dialogue, and the free exchange of ideas.
  5. Building effective relationships and communication paths among departments, faculty, staff, students, and alumni.
  6. Maintaining diversity in faculty, staff, and student body.
  7. Enhanced efforts to accommodate students' understanding and needs regarding University policies and practices.
  8. Enhanced use of and access to current technology.
  9. Continuous improvement of a learning centered environment.

  1. Employ new methodologies and technologies in the classroom.
  2. Expand quality online programs and services.
  3. Improve the campus environment.
  4. Increase collaboration to better serve undergraduate students.
  5. Ensure student job readiness.
  6. Recruit and retain qualified undergraduate students.
  7. Recruit and retain qualified graduate students and streamline the graduate admissions process.
  8. Increase international engagement for the University community.

A Learning Centered University

At Jacksonville State University we believe that students, faculty, and staff comprise a community of learners. We believe it is important for learners to take responsibility for their learning. This means presenting a willingness to learn, being proactive in the acquisition of knowledge, and behaving with integrity and honesty in the learning environment. We believe that learning takes place when learners are engaged, assumptions are challenged, expectations are shared, and relationships are built around the purpose of learning.

Jacksonville State University will promote a learning environment with relevant programs of study supported by current technologies, opportunities for experiential learning, and flexibility in the learning process. Faculty will use various methods of teaching to meet different learning styles, and will set learning outcomes that emphasize the application of knowledge, thus ensuring that graduates are prepared with the skills necessary for careers in a global marketplace. (approved 10/17/11)