Effective July 6, 2020

The Jacksonville State University Police Department (JSUPD) has the authority to create and enforce the rules and regulations for the operation and parking of vehicles on campus. The responsibility of understanding the parking and traffic regulations rests with the vehicle operator. The rules are subject to enforcement 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Jacksonville State University (JSU) reserves the right to remove vehicles when in violation of the Code of Alabama, Rules of the Road, ordinances of the City of Jacksonville, and parking rules and regulations of JSU. The University assumes no responsibility for damage incurred while moving vehicles. Vehicles may be booted and/or towed for unpaid parking citations and when parking privileges have been revoked.

JSUPD reserves the right to deny, with cause, any person the privilege of operating or parking a vehicle on JSU property as determined by the Director of Public Safety. JSU also assumes “no responsibility” for any damage when vehicles are parked on JSU Property.

Rules and principles of parking regulations for JSU:

  1. All faculty, staff, students, visitors, and contract employees parking vehicles on JSU property must obtain a JSUPD issued parking decal. The decal must be displayed with its adhesive on the lower corner of the inside of the passenger side of the windshield. The most current decal supersedes any prior decal.
  2. Any person visiting JSU for one day may come to JSUPD at Salls Hall to obtain a visitor pass. Building managers may also issue day passes.
  3. In the event of a mechanical issue, a person driving a different vehicle without a decal must obtain a temporary pass (at no charge) for the zone they park in at JSUPD. This temporary pass can be valid for up to 14 days.
  4. Operators must park their vehicle in a designated parking zone. A parking space is defined by two lines or a set of lines, or any other method used for general parking. Any student parked in the Faculty/Staff RED zone, at yellow curbs, reserved parking designated by a sign, white curb, the GX Bus stop, where obstructing traffic of any kind (pedestrian, emergency, or vehicle), or any other area dictated by existing State law or JSU regulations will be subject to a parking citation, boot, or the vehicle being towed at the operator’s expense.
  5. Persons loaning their vehicles to others are responsible for citations issued to the vehicle.
  6. In the event of mechanical failure, the operator is responsible for the vehicle’s removal as services are available. JSUPD should be advised of the vehicle’s location. Any vehicle blocking any type of emergency service will need to be removed immediately. Such vehicles are subject to tow at the owner’s expense.
  7. All signs and regulations governing the use of motor vehicles must always be observed.
  8. All decals will expire on September 1st (Ex. Decal # 2021S00001 will expire on September 1st, 2021).
  9. Students who reside at “The Pointe” must have a JSUPD issued parking decal. They must also have a decal issued by Housing specifying that they are residents of The Pointe.