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COVID-19 Information for Students

  • VA COVID-19 FAQ for GI BILL users
  • Information regarding Certifying GI Bill Enrollments for JSU Students:
    • For the Spring 2020 semester, nothing has changed.  You will continue to receive the stipend payments that you have received so far for this semester.

    • For the Summer 2020 semester, all of our courses will be transitioned to online.  Through recent federal legislation, we are able to certify your classes as they were originally intended.  What that means is that we will certify online and resident courses this summer, which allows you to receive the stipend payment that you would have received prior to COVID-19.

    • For the Fall 2020 semester, we will certify both online and resident courses as they were intended.  So if university operations go back to normal for Fall everything will stay as is.  If some or all of classes get transitioned to online, then the summer rules will apply.  Regardless, federal legislation has been enacted to ensure that you will receive the highest stipend amount allowable.

Next Steps to Attend JSU

  1. All prospective students must complete the appropriate application for admission to Jacksonville State University. 
  2. Request a Joint Services Transcript (JST) or Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript be sent to the Registrar at JSU.
  3. Apply for your Federal or State VA Educational Benefit
  4. Sign up for your specific orientation
  5. Register for Classes
  6. Submit your paperwork to Military & Post-Traditional Student Services to ensure timely enrollment certification.