Fines/Court Costs

*** Court fines and costs are estimates. Changes in fine and costs can occur without notification. To ensure a correct estimate of cost, contact the Jacksonville City Magistrate at 256-435-6960.

See Caveat***

Disobedience To Traffic Control 32-5A-31  $20.00 $252.00
Driver's License Not In Possession 32-6-9  $75.00 $252.00
Driver's License Restriction 32-6-12  $60.00 $352.00
Driving Upon Sidewalk 32-5A-52 $20.00 $252.00
Driving Without Obtaining 32-6-1  $75.00  $352.00  
Driving On Wrong Side 32-5A-80  $30.00 $252.00
Failure To Dim Lights 32-5-242  $10.00 $252.00
Failure To Stop At Railroad Crossing 32-5A-151 $10.00 $252.00
Failure To Yield Right Of Way 32-5A-115  $20.00 $252.00
Failure To Yield Right Of Way (Move Over Law) 32-5A-58.1  $25.00 $252.00
Following Too Closely 32-5A-89  $20.00  $252.00  
Improper Backing 32-5A-51  $20.00 $252.00  
Improper Exhaust 32-5-216  $10.00 $252.00
Improper Lane Usage/Turn 32-5A-88 $20.00 $252.00
Improper Lights 32-5-240 $20.00 $252.00
Improper Mirror 32-5-214 $20.00 $252.00
Improper Muffler 32-5-216 $10.00 $252.00
Improper Signal 32-5A-133 $10.00 $252.00
Improper Tag/Expired 32-6-65B $25.00 $252.00
Improper Tires 32-5-210 $20.00 $252.00
Improper Window Tinting 32-5C-2 $20.00 $252.00
Littering (Vehicle On Roadway) 32-5A-60 $100.00 $252.00
No Helmet 32-5A-245 $10.00 $252.00
No Passing Zone 32-5A-86 $20.00 $252.00
Obedience To Police Officers & Firemen 32-5A-4 ***




Obstruction To Driver's View Or Driving Mechanism 32-5A-53 $20.00 $252.00
One Way Street 32-5A-87 $25.00 $252.00
Pedestrians Right-Of-Way (Crosswalks) 32-5A-211 *** ***
Running A Red Light 32-5A-31 $20.00 $252.00
Running A Stop Sign 32-5A-112 $20.00 $252.00
Running Over Fire Hose 32-5A-59 $50.00 $252.00
Safety Belt Violation 32-5B-4 $25.00 $53.00
Speeding (Construction Zone) 32-5A-176.1 $40.00 $252.00
Speeding (Reasonable & Prudent) 32-5A-170 $20.00 $252.00
Speeding 32-5A-171 $20.00 $252.00
Speeding Over 25 MPH
32-5A-171 $40.00 $252.00
Stopping On Highway 32-5A-137 $30.00 $252.00
Unattended Motor Vehicles 32-5A-50 $25.00 $252.00
Child Restraint Violation 32-5-222 $25.00 $252.00
Driving While Canceled 32-6-19 $150.00 $352.00
Driving While Revoked 32-6-19 $150.00 $352.00
Driving While Suspended 32-6-19 $150.00 $352.00
Driving Under The Influence (DUI) 1st Offense
32-5A-191 $600.00 $382.00
Leaving Scene Of Accident 32-10-3 $200.00 $252.00
No Proof Of Insurance 32-7A-4 $200.00 $252.00
No Tag 32-6-51 *** ***
Passing School Bus 32-5A-154 $50.00 $252.00
Racing On Highway 32-5A-178 $100.00 $252.00
Reckless Driving 32-5A-190 $100.00 $252.00
Assault, 1st Degree 13A-6-20 F B $2000.00
Assault, 2nd Degree 13A-6-21 F C $1,000.00
Assault, 3rd Degree 13A-6-22 M A $1,000.00
Burglary, 1st Degree 13A-7-5 F A $3,000.00
Burglary, 2nd Degree 13A-7-6 F B $2,000.00
Burglary, 3rd Degree 13A-7-7 F C $1,000.00
Carrying A Concealed Weapon 13A-11-50 M V $500.00
Carrying A Pistol Without A Permit 13A-11-73 M V $500.00
Criminal Coercion 13A-6-25 M A $500.00
Criminal Littering 13A-7-29 M C $500.00
Criminal Mischief, 1st Degree 13A-7-21 F C $1,000.00
Criminal Mischief, 2nd Degree 13A-7-22 M A $1,000.00
Criminal Mischief, 3rd Degree 13A-7-23 M B $500.00
Criminal Possession of Forged Instrument, 4th Degree 13A-9-7 M A $500.00
Criminal Trespass, 1st Degree 13A-7-2 M A $1,000.00
Criminal Trespass, 2nd Degree 13A-7-3 M C $500.00
Criminal Trespass, 3rd Degree
13A-7-4 M V $300.00
Discharging Firearm In Corporate Limits Ord. 16-08 M V $300.00
Discharging Fireworks In Corporate Limits Ord. 11-19 M V $300.00
Disorderly Conduct 13A-11-7 M C $500.00
Domestic Violence, 1st Degree 13A-6-130 F A $3,000.00
Domestic Violence, 2nd Degree 13A-6-131 F B $2,000.00
Domestic Violence, 3rd Degree 13A-6-132 M A $1,000.00
Failure To Disperse 13A-11-6 M B $500.00
False Reporting To Law Enforcement
13A-10-9 M A $500.00
Falsely Reporting An Incident 13A-11-11 M A $500.00
Giving False Name To Law Enforcement
13A-9-18.1 M A $500.00
Harassing Communications 13A-11-8(b)(1) M C $300.00
Harassment 13A-11-8 M C $300.00
Hazing 16-1-23 M C $300.00
Indecent Exposure 13A-6-68 M A $1,000.00
Identity Theft 13A-8-192 F C $500.00
Menacing 13A-6-23 M B $500.00
Minor In Possession Of Alcohol 28-3A-25(a)(18) M V $300.00
Noise Violation-Business or Home Ord.10-20 M V $300.00
Noise Violation- Vehicle Ord.10-20 M V $300.00
Obstruction of Governmental Operations 13A-10-2 M A $500.00
Open Container Ord. 3-2 M V $300.00
Open House Party 13A-11-10.1 M B $500.00
Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia 13A-12-260 M A $1,000.00
Possession of Marihuana, 1st Degree 13A-12-213 F C $1,000.00
Possession Of Marihuana, 2nd Degree
13A-12-214 M A $1,000.00
Providing Alcohol To Minor 28-3A-25-(a)(3) M V $300.00
Public Intoxication 13A-11-10 M V $300.00
Public Lewdness 13A-12-130 M C $300.00
Receiving Stolen Property, 1st Degree 13A-8-17 F B $2,000.00
Receiving Stolen Property, 2nd Degree 13A-8-18 F C $1,000.00
Receiving Stolen Property, 3rd Degree 13A-8-19 M A $1,000.00
Reckless Endangerment 13A-6-24 M A $1,000.00
Resisting Arrest 13A-10-41 M B $500.00
Sexual Abuse, 2nd Degree 13A-6-67 M A $500.00
Smoking in Prohibited Places Ord.13-23 M V $200.00
Theft of Lost Property, 4th Degree 13A-8-9 M A $1,000.00
Theft of Property, 1st Degree 13A-8-3 F B $2,000.00
Theft of Property, 2nd Degree 13A-8-4 F C $1,000.00
Theft of Property, 3rd Degree 13A-8-4.1 F D $1,000.00
Theft of Property, 4th Degree 13A-8-5 M A $1000.00
Theft of Services, 4th Degree 13A-8-10.3 M A $1,000.00
Violation Of Protection Order 13A-6-142   $1,000.00

*** Indicates mandatory court appearance.

NOTE: The new bail schedule applies to both cash and property bonds. The bail schedule is a general guide, is subject to change without prior notice, and can be increased at the discretion of a Judge or Magistrate. If you have additional questions regarding the bail schedule for misdemeanors, please contact the Jacksonville Municipal Court at 256-435-6960. You may go online to  and pay your citation(s). If your citation is not listed, you are required to make an appearance in Jacksonville Municipal Court.

The State of Alabama requires a defendant to be responsible for court costs whether appearing in court or not.

Questions concerning violations, verifying court costs, or online payment can be directed to the Jacksonville City Magistrate at 256-435-6960. If your question pertains to felony arrests, please call the Calhoun County District Court at 256-231-1850.

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