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Department Head
Professor of Physics

Office: 206-A Martin Hall
Telephone: (256) 782-5813
Fax Number: (256) 782-5336
Email: lou.reinisch@att.net

Mailing Address:
Physical and Earth Sciences
Jacksonville State University
Jacksonville, AL 36265

BS: University of Missouri--Rolla 1976
MS: University of Illinois--Urbana 1978
PhD: University of Illinois--Urbana 1981

There are three major branches to Dr. Reinisch's research:
1. Lasers in surgery. Research collaborations are maintained with investigators at medical schools using lasers in surgery, and we have published a number of papers and book chapters on laser surgery, lasers in otolaryngology, and lasers in dermatology. Dr. Reinisch is an Associate Editor for Lasers in Surgery and Medicine.
2. Medical physics. This involves the training of physicists to calibrate and innovate in the treatment of cancer patients with ionizing radiation (radiotherapy). Significant accomplishments include starting the medical physics training program for New Zealand and achieving accreditation by the Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine.
3. Bacterial identification using fluorescence spectroscopy. This work started with the identification of the bacterial causing acute otitis media with a non-invasive otoscope that would use light to identify the bacterial soup on the other side of the tympanic membrane (ear drum). There are five bacteria responsible for more than 99% of the cases of ear infections, so this identification scheme was very successful. More recently, we have been working on the identification of anthrax spores. The technology for this detection has been patented, and Veritide Limited (in New Zealand) and Veritide Research LLC (in the US) have produced a device that is currently being sold to first responders.
4. Science entrepreneurship. Since working with Veritide, it has become apparent that we need to better prepare scientists to work in industry and to take their research from the laboratory into the market place.

Recent Publications:

M. Almalki, S.A. Majid, P.H. Butler and L. Reinisch, Gadolinium Concentration Analysis in Brain Phantom by X-Ray Fluorescence, Australasian Phys. Eng. Sci. Med. 33:00000-00000 (2011)

G. Betzel, S.P. Lansley, F. Baluti, L. Reinisch and J. Meyer, Operating parameters of CVD diamond detectors for radiation dosimetry. Nucl. Instr. and Methods A 614, 130-136 (2010)

S.P. Lansley, G.T. Betzel, F. Baluti, L. Reinisch and J. Meyer, Investigation of the suitability of commercially available CVD diamond for megavoltage X-ray dosimetry. Nuclear Inst. Meth. Phys. Res. A 607, 659-667 (2009).

S.P. Lansley, G.T. Betzel, F. Baluti, J. Lydon, and L. Reinisch, Suitability of Synthetic Diamond Files for X-ray Dosimetry Applications. Optoelect. Microelectr. Mat. and Dev. 34-37, (2008).

E. Jhala, C. Galilee, and L. Reinisch. Principal Component Analysis of Fluorescence Changes upon Growth Conditions and Washing of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Appled Optics, 46: 5522-5528 (2007)

D.L. Ellis, J. Kozub, and L. Reinisch. Controlling Thermal Damage of Incisions Using Diamond, Copper and Sapphire Heat Conducting Templates with and without Cooling, Lasers in Surg. Med. 38, 814-823 (2006).

J. Kunnil, S. Sarasanandarajah, E. Chacko, L. Reinisch. Fluorescence quantum efficiency of dry Bacillus globigii spores. Optics Express 13:8969-8979 (2005).

J. Kunnil, S. Sarasanandarajah, E. Chacko, B. Swartz, L. Reinisch. Identification of Bacillus Spores Using Clustering of Principal Components of Fluorescence Data. Aerosol Science and Technology 39: 842-848 (2005).

S. Sarasanandarajah, J. Kunnil, B.V. Bronk, L. Reinisch. Two Dimensional Mult Wavelength Fluorescence Spectra of Dipicolinic Acid and Calcium Dipicolinate. Applied Optics 44:1182-1187 (2005).

S. Sarasanandarajah, J. Kunnil, E. Chacko, B.V. Bronk, L. Reinisch. Reversible changes in fluorescence of bacterial endospores found in aerosols due to hydration/drying. Journ. Aerosol Sci. 36:689-699 (2005).

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