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Associate Professor of Geography

Office: 213 Martin Hall
Telephone: (256) 782-5216
Fax Number: (256) 782-5336

Mailing Address:
Physical and Earth Sciences
Jacksonville State University
Jacksonville, AL 36265

PhD: University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 2007
(Geography and Geographic Information Science)

Research Interests:
Dr. Morgan's research deals specifically with attitudes towards privacy in a spatial context. The primary focus is the impact that the growth and democratization of spatial technologies has on the perceptions of privacy in contemporary society. Dr. Morgan is also evaluating the commodification of spatial data as it relates to privacy concerns of technology consumers. Of particular interest is how the use of geospatial technological such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), global positioning systems (GPS), location based services (LBS), and other spatially aware technologies have led to a significant increase in the collection and use of personally identifiable spatial data. Dr. Morgan is also working with the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement and Sherubtse College to establish a GIS pilot project for Thimphu City, the capital city of Bhutan. He has been involved with the development of internships between the Bhutanese Government and The Department of Geography to create a trained workforce for GIS applications. It is hoped that a Student / Faculty exchange program between a U.S. institution and the Royal University of Bhutan can also be established.

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Book Review, in Nationality Papers, 2005 33(1): 143-144. Book Review.

Favorite Quote:

"I do a great deal of talking to myself. Somewhere along the line, it occurred to me that it would be worthwhile to get to know this person with whom I am forever engaged in conversation."