Harry Holstein

Harry HolsteinProfessor of Anthropology and Archaeology

Office: 142-B Martin Hall
Telephone: (256) 782-5656
Fax Number: (256) 782-5336
Email: holstein@jsu.edu

Mailing Address:
Chemistry and Geosciences
Jacksonville State University
Jacksonville, AL 36265

Favorite Quote:

"It's only a Movie" Last House On The Left!

California State University, California, Pa. Anthropology B.A. 1970
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa. Anthropology Ph.D. 1978

Research Interest:
• 16th Century Spanish Explorers incursion into NE Alabama and NW Georgia
• Prehistoric Stone Structure Sites in Alabama
• Creek Indian War Sites in Alabama
• General Alabama Prehistory
• Civil War Iron Furnaces in Northern Alabama

Recent Publications / Presentations:
"In Search of the 16th Century Spanish Expedition Tristan de Luna's Principal Town of Coosa within the Coosa River Drainage of Northeastern Alabama." Presented at Winds, Mountains, Oceans, Rivers: Ecolologies and Their Social Impacts in the New World. Presented at a Symposium in Honor of James B. Richardson, III, University of Pittsburgh. March 2009.

"Bains Gap Site, Archaeological Investigations From 1999-2008." Presented at Eighty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the Alabama Academy of Science, Inc. University of West Alabama. March 2009.

"Stone Structure Sites in Alabama and the Southeastern United States:A Result of Historic Land Management Activities and / or Prehistoric Woodland and Mississippian Memorials of the Past." Presented at Society of American Archaeology 74th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia. April 2009.

Recent Published Papers:
1. An Archaeological Phase I Cultural Resource Survey For the Proposed Oxford Recreational Complex Situated In Oxford, Calhoun County, Alabama. Marcus S. Ridley, Rebecca T. Ridley and Harry O. Holstein. Report Submitted to the City of Oxford, Calhoun County, Alabama. 2008

2. Preliminary Investigations at the Skeleton Mountain Site, 1Ca157, Calhoun County, Alabama. Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science. April 2009.

3. Preliminary Investigations at the Shelton Mounds Complex, 1Ca637, Calhoun County, Alabama. Jacksonville State University Archaeological Resource Laboratory, Research Series No. 3 February 2007.