Archaeology Resource Lab

The Jacksonville State Archaeological Resource Laboratory has been involved in a number of projects over the last few years. An ongoing project of the staff is the preliminary excavation and restoration of the Civil War Janney Iron Furnace, 1Ca407, in Ohatchee, Alabama. Janney Furnace was constructed in 1863, and partially destroyed by Union forces on July 14, 1864. Initial efforts are attempting to locate outbuildings and other industrial features associated with charcoal iron production. Calhoun County has purchased the property and the adjacent 20 acres with the intent of creating a historical park at the Janney site.

Three major projects are currently in the excavation stage, with people on site working. These include an area near Fort Payne where a village has been located. Many artifacts are being found, as well as a burial site.The improvement and construction of a number of bridges throughout the northern part of the State have required examination for artifacts, and shovel testing and mapping are currently being undertaken. Many of our students who are specializing in geoarchaeology are involved on these projects. 

Contact Harry Holstein for more information.