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As an instructor, you now have a My Content folder in Blackboard, in addition to your Course Content folder.  There are many advantages to storing files in My Content, but also reasons why certain files should instead be stored in Course Content.  Both folders are accessible by instructors through the Content Collection tab and from any course Control Panel within Blackboard.  Blackboard content storage areas should only be used for files related to course instruction.  Please consider the following:

Facts about content storage:

  • A file in My Content can be utilized in multiple courses while only storing the file once, while a file in Course Content can only be used within a single course.
  • A file stored in My Content is updated once and those updates reflected in all courses where a link to the content exists, while a file in Course Content is updated in each location where it is stored.
  • A file stored in My Content can be shared with certain types of users through permission settings.

How do I choose where I should store files?

  • Store a file in My Content if you want to use it in multiple courses, AND you want the same version of the file to persist in all courses from where it is linked.
  • Store a file in Course Content (a specific course) if you don't need to utilize it in multiple courses.
  • Store a file in Course Content if you don't want updates to the file to be reflected in other locations, even though you may be storing a similar file in those other locations.

Scenarios to consider:

  • You have a document containing guidelines for the course.  You may use this basic document each term for the same catalog course, but you may update it each term as changes take place.  This document should probably not be stored in My Content because once it is presented to students in a specific term, the record of what was expected should remain the same for that term's records even though you may change the document for the next term's course.
  • You have an audio or video file that will never change, but you use this file in several courses.  This file should be stored in My Content, and simply linked from within each course.  This saves storage space and keeps you from having to upload it numerous times.
  • You have a document that lists information that is relevant to several courses within the same term.  Changes to this document are relevant and should be reflected in every location where it is presented.  This file should be stored in My Content.  This will save storage space and allow users to update only once for all linked locations.

There are numerous factors and scenarios to consider, all of which can't be described here.  The key is in how you plan to use the file, where you want to use it, the nature of the information, and when it is to be presented.  Be careful with information specific to a single time and place.  That type of information may be best stored in Course Content.  Static information or information that, though it may change, is okay to be updated in all locations presented, would be better suited for storage in My Content.

In the newest Course Copy instructions, there are guidelines described that are related to where content is stored.  Be sure to review the Quotas page for information about storage limitations.  In addition to Course Content and My Content, instructors may also request creation of folders in the Institution Content area of Content Collection.  This approach may be best used when files need to be shared by entire departments or colleges.  Please send your requests to to explore the creation of a shared folder for your department or college.  This request should be made by Deans/Department Heads/Directors responsible for your area.

Please keep in mind that files larger than 50 MB, which tend to be audio and video files, may need to be stored externally to Blackboard.  Online@JSU may be able to assist with choosing appropriate locations for storage of audio and video files.  Please contact us at

For more information about the Content Collection area, please review additional help resources provided by Blackboard.