Test Security

There are numerous options for enhancing overall test security in online courses. In addition to assessment design considerations and the use of various testing options in Blackboard, instructors might wish to use one of the options below:

  • Traditional proctoring - A student takes a paper or online exam at a specific time and place under the oversight of an in-person proctor.
  • Live online proctoring - With Examity, a student takes an online exam at a specific time under the oversight of a remote proctor.
  • Respondus Monitor - Instructors may require this option which is a companion program to the Respondus LockDown Browser.  A special browser must be used for exams requiring either of these programs.  Notice:  Respondus LockDown Browser/Monitor is being evaluated and may not be available after December 2018.

Faculty should contact our office at online@jsu.edu to discuss these options in more detail or to learn more about other methods for protecting the integrity of online exams.