Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor™ is a companion product for LockDown Browser that offers students the ability to take an online exam at any time and at a location of their choosing with the test session being recorded for later review by faculty. Monitor serves as an alternative to live proctoring, while still helping to protect the integrity of online exams at JSU.

When Monitor is required, students use their own computer and a webcam to record exam sessions. Faculty can use the same Blackboard test options as usual with the added benefit of having full video of test attempts available for review.

How It Works:

  • Students start Respondus LockDown Browser, log into Blackboard and complete a brief startup sequence (webcam check, take photo, show ID, environment check) prior to the exam
  • The student and the surrounding environment are recorded during the entire exam
  • Instructors can quickly review details of the assessment, and even watch the recorded video
  • Instructors deciding to require Monitor use may wish to review the sample syllabus text available from Respondus.


  • $10 per student per course, which covers as many exams as are required in that course.
  • Payment for Respondus Monitor is made during the set-up process when starting a Respondus Monitor enabled quiz.
  • To set-up and pay for Respondus Monitor:
    1. Start Respondus LockDown Browser
    2. Navigate to your test.
    3. Complete the set-up process which includes a payment screen for entering credit card information.
    4. Payment and entering credit card information is only necessary one-time per course.

Quick Start Guides are available for students and instructors. In addition, Respondus offers webinars on a regular basis to introduce faculty to Monitor and the accompanying LockDown Browser. Contact our office at for more information about Monitor.

Notice:  Respondus LockDown Browser/Monitor is being evaluated and may not be available after December 2018.