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Online@JSU Badges

A Badge is a digital icon which represents completion of training, development, and other learning opportunities and is used to document and share achievements. Recipients of a Badge may share their accomplishments on social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) as well as manage badges received over time. Badges are an excellent supplement for traditional credentials such as degrees and certificates and often offer direct links to artifacts of learning.

Online@JSU uses the system Credly to manage and issue badges. Badge recipients also use the Credly system to receive, share, and preserve badges in the future. For more information on Credly, see the following links and information.


Credly is a system for issuing and managing badges for bot the issuers and the recipients. From within the system, users may send an email to badge recipients and share earned badges to social media. When a badge is shared, links back to a description of the badge requirements as well as artifacts to an individuals work are included. For an example, see the Multimedia Badge.

Credly Links

Credly Website
Credly Tutorials
Online@JSU Credly Page

Available Badges

Badges are available from units across the University. Each unit manages the criteria for earning badges as well as issuing badges to recipients. Current available badges include:



Multimedia includes content such as videos, audio, and pictorials. In online, blended, or face-face courses, a balanced mixture of multimedia is effective with student engagement by supplementing and enhancing written content. In many cases, multimedia is best used as primary content. Current trends and tools in creating and sharing multimedia enable most anyone to utilize multimedia in a course.

View the Multimedia Self-Paced Course

Certified Online Instructor

There are two ways for instructors at Jacksonville State University who wish to become JSU certified online instructors.

Please view the Certified Online Instructor Program page to review the program and apply.

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