Voluntary System of Accountability

About VSA and College Portrait...

The Voluntary System of Accountability is designed to improve public understanding of how public colleges and universities operate.

The College Portrait provides consistent, comparable, and transparent information on the characteristics of institutions and students, cost of attendance, student engagement with the learning process, and core educational outcomes. The information is intended for students, families, policy makers, campus faculty and staff, the general public, and other higher education stakeholders.

- Voluntary System of Accountability Program

Jacksonville State University wants you to have all the information you need to make your college decision. Below, you will find links to JSU's College Portrait and JSU's College Cost Calculator. For more information regarding types of financial aid, please visit the Office of Student Financial Services. These links will be updated often, so feel free to come back soon.
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Note: Tuition is based on 24 hours
per academic year. Aid is based on
freshman status.