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JSU standardized tests and surveys offered through the Office of Planning & Research:


Area Concentration Achievement Test
AS Alumni Survey
Alumni Survey Questionnaires: long-term graduates recent graduates
CBASE College Basic Academic Subjects Examination
CBASE Schedule
CLA Collegiate Learning Assessment
EPP ETS Proficiency Profile
ES Employer Survey
Employer Survey Questionnaire
FSSE Faculty Survey of Student Engagement
GSES Graduate Student Exit Survey
Graduate Student Exit Survey Questionnaire
GSS Graduating Senior Survey
Graduating Senior Survey Questionnaire
MFT Major Field Test
NRSS Non-Returning Student Survey
Non-Returning Student Survey Questionnaire
NSS New Student Survey
New Student Survey Questionnaire
NSSE National Survey Of Student Engagement


JSU survey calendar 

(This shows the survey activities provided by OPR. It is not interactive.)