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IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction

IDEA Course Evaluation Schedule for Spring 2016

Faculty Information Form

Student course evaluations

Spring 2016

March 7 - March 20

April 4 - April 17


 Quick Summary of IDEA Participation

Feature : Copying Objectives on the Faculty Information Form

The online IDEA Student Ratings of Instruction system focuses on student learning of 12 specific objectives. It solicits students' feedback on their own learning progress, effort, and motivation, as well as their perceptions of the instructor's use of 20 instructional strategies and teaching methods.

To help you better understand IDEA, some helpful information is just a click away. You may click on the topics below to view the documents.

IDEA Helpful Information

Sample Forms and Reports:

Faculty information - at this page, you will have access to the following documents:
  • Tutorial for Online Faculty Information Form video
  • Directions to Faculty for Online Administration
  • Additional Questions Tutorial
  • Four-part series explains the Faculty Information Form in detail:
    • Purpose of the Faculty Information Form
    • How to select learning objectives
    • Why your selection of objectives is important
    • Contextual questions
  • Resources provide additional information on selecting objectives:
    • Some thoughts on selecting IDEA objectives
    • Disciplinary Selection of Learning Objectives
    • Sample Syllabi Integrating IDEA Objectives
Interpretative Guide: IDEA Report
Interpreting Adjusted Scores
Using IDEA Results for Administrative Decision making
Appraising Teaching Effectiveness: Beyond student ratings
Teaching improvement - Best practices
Relationship of teaching methods to learning objectives
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