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Institutional Research & Assessment

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Goals & Objectives


Goal 1 Develop a process to complete external reporting that complies with State and Federal Regulations based on standard line item definitions.
1.01 Ensure 100 percent compliance with Federal and State reporting deadlines annually.
Goal 2 Develop methods of systematic institutional and departmental support that prepares JSU to demonstrate academic and administrative excellence.
2.01 Continue to manage web-based resource center for departmental planning and assessment.
2.02 Develop student outcomes for general education and develop system for assessing general education.
2.03 Implement automated system for faculty credential management.
2.04 Implement guidelines/rubrics for assessing assessment.
Goal 3 Promote a culture of assessment in an environment of continuous improvement.
3.01 Actively participate in Higher Education Institutional Research and Assessment professional organizations.
3.02 Continue to lead implementation of the University's Strategic Plan.
3.03 Create an environment that fosters institutional capacity building and customer support.
3.04 Disseminate research and assessment findings at every opportunity to include the Fact Book, IR Quick Facts, Assessment Quick Facts and the Momentum newsletter.
3.05 Expand IRA capabilities and resources available to better serve the university.
3.06 Review/evaluate the existing assessment measures periodically, and identify and implement new measures as needed.
3.07 Successfully participate in Cycle 4 of the Program Review Process.
SLO Student Learning Outcomes.
SLO 1 JSU administrators will gain knoweldge about PRISM planning and reporting requirements.
SLO 2 JSU faculty and staff will be increasingly aware of OIRA/OPR services and publications.
SLO 3 JSU faculty and staff will maintain a sense of equilibriium despite changes introduced by the mission-led strategic plan implementation.
SLO 4 JSU faculty and staff will report increasing satisfaction with IRA/OPR services.
SLO 5 JSU faculty will have increasing understanding of IDEA.
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