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College of Nursing

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STEP Curriculum

Core Course Requirements

Written Composition (6 SH Required)
EH 101     English Composition     3 SH
EH 102     English Composition     3 SH

Humanities and Fine Arts (12 SH Required)
EH Literature I     3 SH
Fine Arts Elective     3 SH
Literature II, Humanities, or Fine Arts     3 SH
Humanities or Fine Arts     3 SH

Students must complete one course (3 SH) in literature and must have a 6 SH sequence (2 courses) either in literature or history.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics (11 SH Required)
BY 101/103   Introductory Biology I/Lab     4 SH
CY 105/107   General Chemistry I/Lab     4 SH
MS 112   Pre-calculus Algebra     3 SH

History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences (12 SH Required)
PSY 201   Principles of Psychology     3 SH
HY   History I     3 SH
History II, Social Science, or Behavioral Science     3 SH
Social Science or Behavioral Science     3 SH

Students must complete one course (3 SH) in history and must have a 6 SH sequence (2 courses) either in history or literature.

Preprofessional, Major, and Elective Courses (21 SH Required)
BY 263   Human Anatomy & Physiology I     4 SH
BY 264   Human Anatomy & Physiology II     4 SH
BY 283   Microbiology     4 SH
Preprofessional, Major, and Elective Courses     9 SH

The Alabama General Studies Articulation Agreement provides for alternatives in some prerequisite courses. 

STEP Program Course Sequence

STEP recognizes the past academic and experiential knowledge of the Registered Nurse. RNs are awarded 35 hours of STEP Nursing Credit after completion of first semester course work.

Semester 1
NU 345     Communication of Ethical Issues     4 SH
NU 352     Health Assessment Across the Lifespan     3 SH
NU 365     Pharmacology for Practicing Nurses     2 SH

Semester 2
NU 350     Professional Roles and Issues     5 SH
NU 401M   Research Outcomes Management for the Practicing Nurse     3 SH
NU 423     Nursing Management and Leadership     3 SH

Semester 3
NU elective   (Elective NU 344 or NU 442)     3 SH
NU 343     Concepts of Emergency/Disaster Nursing     3 SH
NU 456     Population Based Health Care     6 SH

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