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Course Requirements

MSN Registration Information
Plan of Study
Tuition and Fees

Graduate Student Handbooks
2009-2010 revised January 2010
2010-2011 revised February 2011

2012 Summer

MSN/Troy Financial Aid
The JSU Office of Student Financial Services has negotiated an agreement with the Troy University Financial Aid Office. MSN students may now apply for financial aid reimbursement in advance of a semester in which the student plans to enroll in a required Troy course. The application, including instructions for completing it, is posted under FORMS on the JSU Student Financial Services website. If you are interested in applying for financial aid for a future-required Troy course, please download the application and follow the instructions carefully. Processing of the application takes several weeks between the two Universities, so you should refer to your plan of study and begin the application process four to six weeks before each semester in which you intend to request financial aid for a Troy course.
A new application must be completed and submitted prior to each semester in which a student intends to enroll in a Troy course. To access the application go to: and then click FORMS.

Clinical Requirements

Check off List
Pre-Clinical Documentation Guidelines
MSN Health Appraisal Form (initial)
HIPAA Statement
Release of Liability
Letter of Understanding
Student Waiver Form
Drug Screen Consent
Guidelines for Drug Screen
PSI Background Check Instructions
Letter of Understanding Regarding Background Check
Health Insurance Verification Form

NU 540/545 Students
The Annual Health Appraisal Form is only for students enrolled in NU 540 or 545 who have previously submitted the initial health appraisal form.

Contact us:
Amber Law, Director of Clincial Services
(256) 782-8426

Student Organizations

 Honor Society of Nursing

General Information

The Alabama Nurse
Booklist Spring 2014 
The ARMY ROTC Nursing Program

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