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Emergency Center

Current Weather Statement

JSU is currently under a Tropical Storm Warning. Learn more here

Sign up for the JSU Emergency Alert System here

How will I be notified during Severe Weather and Other Campus Emergencies? 

JSU Emergency Notification Methods

The following methods may be used to notify the campus community of various emergencies that may impact students, staff, and faculty on Jacksonville State University Campus.

The JSU Emergency Alert System is JSU's emergency mass notification system that is capable of sending thousands of messages within minutes by emailing, text messaging and phone calls. The system will only be used when there is a severe threat to public safety and health of the entire campus that has not been contained or controlled and when immediate action is required. The JSU Emergency Alert System phone number reflected on your caller I.D. will be 256-782-8558. Program this number into your phone so you will immediately recognize it as coming from JSU Emergency Alert System.

JSU has outdoor tornado warning sirens that are activated by the Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency during tornado warnings for the county. The outdoor tornado sirens are only intended to be heard by persons who are located outdoors.

JSU campus-wide e-mail notification system will send follow-up statements to all faculty, staff and students on campus concerning campus-wide general announcements, school closures, and inclement weather.

JSU Home page - Jacksonville State University's official Web site for weather closings and emergency event information (

NOAA Weather Radio - Provides 24/7 all-hazard watches and warnings for incidents

such as floods, tornadoes, thunderstorms, winter storms, train derailments, AMBER alerts and terrorist attacks.

Internet Weather Related Sites, - Weather related Internet sites that are capable of sending email updates for your specific zip codes by subscribing to the sites.

RSS Feed - Subscribe to receive updates via RSS either through GEM or at

Social Media - Messages sent via JSU's Emergency Alert System will automatically post to JSU's officialFacebook page and Twitter account

Important Reminders

• Call the JSU Police at (256) 782-6000 or 911 for all campus emergencies

• For non-emergencies, call JSU Police at (256) 782-5050

• Go to for more information during an emergency

• Program (866) 665-4384 into your cell phone as "JSU Emergency Alert System" to recognize calls from JSU Emergency Alert System

Have You Signed Up for E-Alert?

Jacksonville State University encourages all students, faculty and staff to update their emergency contact number(s) in the JSU Emergency Alert System, the University's primary emergency notification system. Although college campuses are usually safe places, emergencies and disasters do occur. JSU is committed to keeping the campus community as safe as possible through effective communication prior to, during and following emergencies. JSU Emergency Alert allows students, faculty and staff to receive emergency messages via phone, text message, e-mail, and social media. Both voice and text messages may be sent to cell phones. 

Other than periodic tests, this system will ONLY be used for emergencies requiring immediate action on the part of the JSU community.

Some Types of Messages and Their Explanation

Emergency Message Explanation of Message
JSU campus-wide emergency. Do not enter the campus. If you are at JSU, lock yourself into a room immediately. Everything is cancelled. Wait for additional instructions. There is a very serious emergency on campus. Do not enter the campus. Classes and all activities are cancelled. There is a serious threat to your safety on the campus.
JSU building emergency at _____________. Leave that area immediately. Go to ___________. If you are off campus, do not enter the campus. Wait for additional instructions. There may be an incident such as a bomb threat to a specific location. Or a hazardous material spill, fire, or a condition requiring immediate action. The location will be included in the message.
JSU attention: An emergency condition exists. Wait for additional instructions. Go to for more information. This is a general emergency alert notice. It will be used for conditions like flooding or a utility failure. It may also be used for an emergency near JSU that may affect us.
JSU severe weather warning. Wait for additional instructions. (Tornado Warning -Seek Tornado Shelter Immediately) A severe weather warning has been issued for Calhoun County. This includes warnings for thunderstorms, severe winds, blizzards, tornados, etc. A location will be included in the message, such as the "basement."
CSEPP Alert-Follow instructions from building manager or tune to local radio for instructions Wait for additional instructions. (Seek Shelter or evacuate area) Chemical accident has been reported by the Anniston Army Depot. Area residents may shelter in place or follow evacuation procedures. On campus shelters are top floor of the Library or Leon Cole Auditorium.
JSU emergency is over. All clear. Emergency is over. Go to for more information. This message is sent when the emergency condition is over.
JSU emergency alert system test. This is a test of the JSU Emergency Warning System. No action is needed. This test message will be sent when the system is tested. This will be at least once per quarter or more frequently as needed.

Instructions on how to add or change cell phone information for JSU Alert (the Emergency Notification System)

  1. Log on MyJSU and click on the “Update Addresses and Phones” link under Featured Links
  2. This will take you to the “Personal Information” tab where you will see a header that says “Addresses and Phones” click on the link “Primary” that is located next to phones.
  3. This will take you to the “Update Addresses and Phones” page where you will enter or update your cell phone information.  Under “Phone Type” click on Cell Phone and then enter or cell phone number or modify your cell phone number if you currently have one listed and would like to change that number.   Be sure to click the “Submit” button when you are done so updates will be saved.
  4. Please contact the JSU HelpDesk @ ext 8324 (TECH) if you have any questions regarding how to enter or change your cell phone number for the Emergency Notification System.

JSU's Emergency Operations Plan

Jacksonville State University’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) establishes policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities, and an organizational structure for responding to major emergencies that may impact the campus. The EOP incorporates operating procedures from the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) for handling emergencies. NIMS establishes a uniform set of processes and procedures that emergency responders at all levels of government use to conduct response operations. The EOP has been designed as a strategic plan to provide the administrative procedures necessary to cope with campus emergencies. The University's overall ability to respond to an emergency also relies upon individual building emergency plans and department continuity of operations plans (COOP).

JSU's EOP establishes clear guidelines detailing the appropriate response to disasters and crisis situations. The goal of this plan is to limit the loss of life and property in the event of an emergency or crisis that affects the operations of JSU. The proper use of available resources and personnel is critical to the successful management of emergency operations. The President of JSU or his or her designated representative is responsible for declaring a state of emergency. Once this state is declared, all students, faculty and staff are to adhere to these guidelines. It is imperative to remember that these procedures are guidelines and should be used as a flexible tool in responding to a variety of contingencies.

The 2010 Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) PDF

For complete Emergency Information, visit the Jacksonville State University Police Department online

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