Employees Recognized for Long-Time Service to University (UPDATED)

Employees Recognized for Long-Time Service to University (UPDATED)


At the December 16 Staff Awards Luncheon in the Leone Cole Auditorium, the following Jacksonville State University employees were recognized for years of service to the university. Congratulations to all these dedicated university employees and thanks for your contributions!


  • Julie Boland, Softball
  • Gary Bonds, O and M, Administrative
  • Nancy Bonds, Building Custodial Services
  • John Broom, O and M, Administrative
  • Melanie Delap, Advancement Services
  • Jennifer Evans, Office of the Controller
  • Tonna Hammett, Graduate Studies
  • Kevin Hoult, Residence Life
  • Cynthia Jeffers, English Language Institute
  • Penny Lane, Instructional Services Unit
  • Steve McClellan, Print Shop
  • Tim McCord, Telecommunications
  • Jean Pugliese, Graduate Studies
  • Alan Renfroe, Alumni Relations
  • Rose Roosevelt, Building Custodial Services
  • Buddy Smith, University Police
  • Rita Smith, University Police
  • Brandon Steward, Administrative Computing Systems
  • Melanie Steward, Family and Consumer Science
  • Russell Steward, O and M, Maintenance and Operations
  • Leah Stuart, Admissions Office
  • David Thompson, O and M, Administrative
  • Tommy Turner, Educational Resources
  • Windy Vanover, Building Custodial Services
  • Danny Whaley, Building Custodial Services


  • Susan Adderhold, Student Life
  • Benjamin Blair, Biology
  • Allen Bonds, Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance
  • Kimberly Brasher, Building Custodial Services
  • Ralph Burke, JSU Gadsden
  • Cynthia Camp, Disability Support Services
  • Mark Camp, Distance Education
  • Jeffrey Cash, Building Custodial Services
  • Rainer Haspel Clements, College of Nursing
  • Nancy Daugherty, Inservice
  • James Decker, Building Custodial Services
  • Jan Evans, Athletic Director
  • Mary Klug, Management and Marketing
  • Tony Lindsey, Building Custodial Services
  • Tienhan Ma, Office of Planning and Research
  • Kevin McFry, Office of the Controller
  • Tammy Mize, Communications
  • Chris Newsome, Information Technology
  • Pamela Pope, Finance, Economics and Accounting
  • Tawana Roberts, Career Services
  • Suiko Roper, Biology
  • Phillip Smart, O and M, Maintenance and Operations
  • James Steward, Inventory Control
  • Arnold Swenson, Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance
  • Sherry Taylor, Internal Audit
  • Billy Trussell, O and M, Maintenance and Operations
  • Louise Veasley, Building Custodial Services
  • Alice Wudarczyk, Office of the Bursar


  • Jan Brim, College of Nursing
  • Odell Christopher, O and M, Maintenance and Operations
  • R.E. Johnson, Sports Medicine
  • Jana McGinnis, Softball
  • Demetria Page, University Police
  • Linda Prickett, College of Nursing
  • Greg Seitz, Media Relations
  • Debbie Taylor, Student Life


  • Chris Casey, Distance Education
  • David Keefer, Drama
  • Shelia Kiker, Purchasing
  • Greg Nabors, Administrative Computing Services
  • Keith Riley, Telecommunications
  • Chuck Torruella, Print Shop
  • Alan Wallace, Administrative Computing Services


  • Wayland Smith, O and M, Maintenance and Operations


  • Teresa Wilson, Student Financial Services