WLJS' 'Late Nite with Ed Moore III' to Launch Third Season with Sept. 11 Tribute Show

WLJS' 'Late Nite with Ed Moore III' to Launch Third Season with Sept. 11 Tribute Show


WLJS' Ed Moore III has confirmed that "Late Nite With Ed Moore III" will dedicate its third season premiere, scheduled to air on September 7, 2012,  to the heroes and victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The one-of-a-kind tribute for the university-based talk show is scheduled for just a little over a weekend ahead of the Tuesday morning's 11th anniversary of the attacks.

The Birmingham-area native broadcaster, who will be entering his third year at Jacksonville State University, says a show of this nature will be a first for the late night radio program.

"Although we have discussed that tragic day on past shows, we have never aired a show directly honoring those who died that day," says Moore. "Considering the closeness of the premiere show's scheduling to the anniversary, I think this would be more than appropriate."

Moore has said he will invite individuals of all ages and backgrounds to share their remembrances from that tragic day and in what ways have they been affected by those memories eleven years later.

"I believe this show could be a platform of healing for those who might still be struggling after all this time," he said.

The tribute will air live at 11 p.m. CDT. Jacksonville, Alabama Area residents may tune in to 91.9 FM. All other residents may tune in via the show's website at www.latenitewithedmooreiii.weebly.com.

Previous tapings of "Late Nite With Ed Moore III" are available via YouTube.com