Tutoring Staff

JSU Navigate is used by the Academic Center for Excellence, tutors, and students to help streamline the process of appointment setting and tracking academic efforts intended to help students progress toward course completion.

Tutor Appointment Cancellations

ACE Tutors must submit a Tutor Absence Form to request approval from the Tutor Coordinator. Your absence will not be approved until the form has been submitted and a confirmation response has been sent back from a full-time ACE staff member. If you have any questions or concerns about this process please contact Candi Momon, Tutor Coordinator, at cburtonmomon@jsu.edu or at 256-782-5025. 

All other JSU Tutors must contact their department to learn the department's cancellation policies and procedures.

Tutor Reports

Tutor Reports allow support staff to monitor tutoring sessions and provide further guidance for students who receive tutoring. Tutor Reports are mandatory for all scheduled tutoring appointments and must be completed by the tutor before they clock out for the day.

Tutor Reports for Scheduled Appointments Quick Guide

Marking A No-Show for a Scheduled Appointment Video Walkthrough: