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Music Department Head

Dr. Legare McIntosh


Christopher D. Hosmer, Tuba and Euphonium
Dr. David Lambert,Trombone
Dr. Chris Probst,Trumpet
Jeffrey Solomon,Horn


Dr. James Woodward


Kenneth G. Bodiford
Dr. Patricia Corbin
Eryn Oft

Ensemble Directors

Dr. Renée L. Baptiste, Encore!
Kenneth G. Bodiford, Director of Bands
Dr. Myrtice Collins, Gospel Choir
Dr. Patricia Corbin, A Cappella Choir, Civic Chorale, Chamber Singers
Michael R. Gagliardo, Community Orchestra
Clint Gillespie, Assist. Director of Bands
Dr. Andy Nevala, Jazz Band
Jeremy Stovall, Assist. Director of Bands
Dr. James Woodward, New Music Ensemble
Dr. David L. Walters, Director of Bands Emeritis
Dr. Nathan Wight, Opera Theatre


Ben Weatherford

Introduction to Music

Teresa Cheatham-Stricklin
Michael R. Gagliardo
Christopher D. Hosmer
Dr. Dani Jones
Donna E. Philippus

Jazz Studies

Dr. Andy Nevala, Director of Jazz Studies
Kenyon Carter, Saxophone, Combos
Chris Enghauser, Bass, Combos
Ben Weatherford, Guitar, Improvisation

Music Education

Dr. Renée L. Baptiste
Dr. Tony Logsdon

Music History

Dr. Jeremy Benson
Dr. Wendy Freeland
Eryn Oft
Dr. James E. Roberts

Music Theory

Dr. Doug Gordon
Dr. Legare McIntosh
Dr. James Woodward


Dr. Myrtice Collins
Dr. Wendy Freeland
Dr. Legare McIntosh
Dr. Andy Nevala
Dr. Gail Steward


Clint Gillespie
Dr. Thomas W. McCutchen


Kim Cooper,Department
Sandy Lynch,Band


Michael R. Gagliardo
Chris Enghauser, Bass

Technology of Music

Christopher D. Hosmer


Dr. Richard Armstrong
Teresa Cheatham-Stricklin
Dr. Patricia Corbin
Dr. Nathan Wight
Dr. Dani Jones


Dr. Jeremy Benson, Flute
Mark Brandon, Clarinet
Kenyon Carter, Saxophone
Dr. Tony Logsdon, Saxophone
Eryn Oft, Double Reeds