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Mathematical, Computing, & Information Sciences

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Math Placement

The MCIS department offers a mathematical placement exam, whose placement criteria is described below.  These criteria are subject to change, and students will be placed based on the criteria current at the time of enrollment in their initial mathematics course.

Mathematics Placement by Score

What math do I need for my major?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Mathematics Placement by Score 
Course Math Placement Score
MS 100 Accelerated (more info) 38 or below
MS 100 (more info) 39-42
MS 106/108   43-52
MS 110   53-69
MS 112   70 or above
MS 111, 113, 117, 120 or 204 72 or above
(also requires ACT 24 or SAT 560)
MS 115 72 or above
(also requires ACT 26 or SAT 600)
MS 125 72 or above
(also requires ACT 28 or SAT 640)

Highest Math Required by Major
Major Highest Math Required
Art MS 108 or 110
Biology (Marine Biology, Pre-Health Professional Biology, Organismal Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology) (MS 112 or higher) and MS 113
Biology (Naturalistic Biology, General Biology) (MS 112 or higher) and (MS 108, 110, 113 or higher)
Chemistry (Professional Concentration and Physics Minor)

MS 125 and 126

Chemistry (Chemistry General Concentration for Pre-Health Professional and Biology Minor)

MS 112 and 113

Collaborative Secondary Education (6-12), Collaborative Teacher (6-12), Secondary Education MS 112 and 9 hours of approved math courses
Communication MS 108
Computer Information Systems (MS 120 or 125) and MS 302
Computer Science MS 125, 126, 227, 302 and 352
Criminal Justice MS 108 or 110 or 112
Drama MS 108 and (MS 110 or 112)
Elementary/Early Childhood Education, Elementary/Collaborative Education MS 112 and 6 hours of approved math courses
Emergency Management MS 108 or 110 or 112
English Two courses, MS 108 or higher
Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Education MS 110
FCS (Concentration: Child Development) MS 110
FCS (Concentration: Human Sciences and/or Merchandising) MS 112
FCS (Concentration: Dietetics and/or Hospitality and Culinary Management) MS 112 and 204
Fine Arts MS 108 or 110
Foreign Languages MS 108 and 110
Geography (MS 110 or 112) and MS 204
History (MS 108 or higher) and MS 204
Mathematics See Mathematics Major 
Music MS 110 or 112
Nursing MS 112 and 204
Political Science or PSC /Pre-Law MS 110 and two higher math courses (MS 204 recommended)
Pre-Business (Accounting, Business Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing Majors) MS 112
Psychology (MS 108 or higher) and (MS 112 or higher)
Social Work Degree (BSW) (MS 108 or 110 or 112) and MS 204
Sociology (MS 108 or higher) and MS 204

MS 100: This self-paced course (Intermediate Algebra) is intended to prepare students for the math course(s) required by their major.  Students who do not pass this course will be required to enroll in the "0" credit course LS 106 Emporium where they will work until they pass their exit exam and then move into their next math course. This prevents students from using financial aid on multiple attempts of a developmental course, thus saving their aid for the first math required within their general education requirements.

MS 100 Accelerated:  This version of MS 100 is designed for students with lower math placement scores who may benefit from additional contact time with instructors.  

LS 106 (Algebra Emporium):  This zero-credit emporium is a mandatory laboratory for students who have received an “NC” in MS 100.  The learning environment in the laboratory will be individualized and mastery-based to enable students to prepare for their first general-education mathematics course.  Prior to the beginning of the next semester or term after an “NC” in MS 100, students must register for LS 106 and remain in the laboratory until they have mastered the objectives of MS 100, including if necessary, subsequent semesters or terms until the objectives have been met.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can you help me understand this new math approach?

A.  Here's a quick rundown of the Course/Emporium Model:

  1. Upon Acceptance: Students will be sent information to take the JSU EdReady Math Placement, which they will complete before orientation. To place in their first required MS course (MS 108, 112, etc), the student must make the required initial placement score OR complete their entire study path if the score is not high enough. (see table)
  2. First Semester: If the student does not place high enough on the initial test, AND does not complete the individual study path, the student will be enrolled in MS 100. The student has one attempt only in MS 100. If the student completes MS 100, the student registers in their goal MS course.
  3. Second Semester: If the student does not pass MS 100, the student will then enroll in LS 106, Algebra Emporium. (more info)

Q.  My Math Placement Test score isn’t as high as I expected.  Can I keep working to improve my score?

A.  Yes.  Once you complete the initial placement, EdReady generates an individual study path for you.  You must complete your study path that includes watching videos, reading the topic text, completing practice problems and passing the quizzes.  Once you reach the placement score for your target class, you will be eligible to enroll in the math required for your major.

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