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Connecting a Laptop/PC to a Projector

First things first. Connect all cables before you power on the equipment. Our projectors have all required cables in their cases. For normal use you will need a VGA cable and a power cable. Three of our projectors require a Special VGA cable (included) to connect to a computer (not just any 15 pin male VGA to 15 pin male VGA cable will work). Once all cables are connected, boot both the computer [do not boot from "sleep" mode] and the VGA Projector. If the computer does not recognize the projector, Do Not Panic; this is not uncommon. First, make sure all cables are connected securely (loose cables cause most problems). Second, if you are using a laptop, find the [FN] key, and then locate your [lcd/crt] key (usually one of your F5, F7, or F8 keys) on your keyboard. While pressing and holding down your [FN] key, press and release your [LCD/CRT] key. You should be able to toggle between three modes: LCD/CRT both, LCD only, or CRT only. Repeat the above steps until you have your desired display mode. One note - some laptops do not work well if your VGA cable is very long; if this is the case, the best display mode is just to use the VGA only mode.

Please use our online form to request what equipment you will need for your event.

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