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Houston Cole Library

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TMB Auditorium
The Sound Cabinet is located on stage- stage left [ if off stage: on the right side] it is black and requires a key to unlock the door [ key-SGA Office].  There is one ....more

Leone Cole Auditorium
The sound cabinet is located on stage- stage left [ if off stage: on the right] it is tan and the power button is at the top of the cabinet. The power ....more

Connecting a Laptop/PC to a Projector [vga/lcd]
First things first connect up all cables before you power on the equipment. Our projectors have all required cables included in their cases. For normal use you will ....more

Connecting a VCR/DVD player to a Projector [vga/lcd]
First decide whether you will be using Composite [ one (1) RCA- Yellow cable ], S-video [ one (1) five (5) pin S-video cable], or Component HD [ three (3) RCA cables: Green-Y ,* Blue-Pb/Cb , Red-Pr/Cr ] ....more

Connecting a VCR/DVD Player to a Amp [ audio]
If you are connecting to a set of computer speakers you will need to use an 1/8" mini adapter cable. The cable will consist of 1 female 1/8" ....more
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